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      July  2010

                                                   Fine Art and Camp Chairs
    New Work

Bear Pablo

 "Pablo Bear"     Oil on Canvas     36"x36"    Spirit Gllery, Truckee CA.
Bear Klee
"Klee Bear"  Oil on Cnvas 36"x36"  Spirit Gallery, Truckee, CA.

Bear Blue

           "Blue Bear"   Oil on Canvas      36"x 36"       Spirit Gallery, Truckee CA.  

Coyote in Oil

                  "Coyote 7"  Oil on Canvas  24"x30"  Spirit Gallery, Truckee CA.
                           Recent Sales  
          "Rush Creek Falls"      Acrylic on Canvas     24"x30"      

Fine Art and Camp Chairs

Fine Art and Camp Chairs 


Imagine having a collection of amazing history in your living room?  What if you owned the original manuscript from Huck Finn or any small portion of the Smithsonian Museum, the greatest collection of Americana in the world? Perhaps your grandparents or their parents bought a Matisse or an early American painter's work like Thomas Cole.  The value today would be extraordinary.  Your grandparents most likely bought the picture because they appreciated it, with no future value investment in mind.  What will you hand down for generations to come and how will your great grandchildren remember you?


Today, in your community, artists, craftspeople and artisans are making contemporary history.Surrounding yourself with art is like visiting a National Park  or watching a tremendous sun set. The role of the artist is to reach out into the pulse of the community and interpret the time with a visual language that speaks to your soul.


My daughter, Ciarra, now 24, is living on a nanny's salary.  In her spare time she combs Craig's List, EBay and local papers for fine art.  Her collection is slowly growing and very impressive for her age.  She collects pieces that bring her great joy.


Artists and young collectors are notorious for having their walls covered with a visual smorgasbord of fine art.  They sit on camp chairs and seedy futons.  They eat Top Ramen, day old bread, but drink fine wine.  You have an opportunity to live a life of fine art and camp chairs.  Invest in your art collection first and foremost. Camp chairs and air furniture are cheap and also quite comfortable.  Remember to keep sharp objects out of your pocket. Pick out your painting today in this news letter or at www.judebischoff.com.


Have a fun summer.


SH Cranes

                 "Sand Hill Cranes"  Oil on Canvas 48"x48"
I just love this painting. I thought you might enjoy another look at it. Now available, price on request.
Back Yard
PO Box 1202
Cedar Ridge, California 95924
Where to Find Jude's Art
Sierra Design Gallery"  Mammoth Lakes CA.   This is a must see mountain gallery.  After your day of skiing on Mammoth Mountain look for SDG across the street from Vons on Old Mammoth Rd.
Spirit Design Gallery; New Jude Paintings are now on view in Truckee.   Spirit Gallery celebrates mindful elegance with a touch of Zen.  Spirit is located on the other side of the tracks from the main street next to the bridge over the Truckee River.  http://www.cathynasoninterior.com/
Incredible Artists Gallery Cathedral City next to IMax and Mary Pickford theatres.
 Paintings are viewed by appointment only, unless you drop by with a great bottle of wine, at my studio or in your home or business.

To purchase  paintings, inquire about commissions or general information, please e-mail Jude at judebischoff@earthlink.net  or call 760-668-9408
Visit my web site at: www.judebischoff.com    

                                                Have a great summer!