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      June  2010

    New Work

SH Cranes

 "Cranes"     Oil on Canvas     48"x48"       $2800.00  

Santa Cruz Harbor

             "Santa Cruz Harbor"           Oil on Canvas      48"x 60"       $3800.00 

Rabbit Jack

                                      "Rabbit Jack"  Acrylic on Panel  24"x24"  $1400.00
Recent Sales

Julia Parker            Back Yard 

                  Back Yard              Back Yard
 The beautiful Spirit Galley in Truckee CA. sold Andy War Bear, Omega Bear, Leaping Rabbit and Donkey VII over the past month. Thank you to Cathy, Ellen and the whole Spirit gang.
Hello All,
Rome was not built in a day.  This age old adage applies to my paintings.  The photo below, taken in early October of 09 shows the first brush strokes of the Santa Cruz Harbor painting in progress.  This week it is the summer solstice 2010 and the finishing touches were applied a few days ago.  I never hurry a painting, but channel the flow of paint until the day arrives when I look at it and realize there is nothing more I can do to improve it. On that day I say to myself,  "Wallah! It is done."
This week. while painting a life size figure, I recalled a technique a classmate of mine used in college some 30 years ago.  He applied strips of color to the human form until all the color changes were in place.  Using a blending brush he then blended these color strips into a cohesive form with amazing results.  It still works today.  I am wondering about what other little secrets I have yet to discover. Maybe I will watch more Bob Ross episodes. Hee hee
An artist has a finite time in which to interpret their existance and culture.  Since I was in college I have painted non stop for 23 of the past 33 years.  I talk with old college friends who have early works of mine. This  includes a cow standing on top of the Lincoln Memorial.  He was wondering what I was thinking 30 some years ago.   I too am wondering what drove me in those days. It had something to do with hitch hiking to Washington DC around 1978 for the Cherry Blossom Parade and peace protest. Another collector from the early days is have an old classic restored.  His x-wife had him keep it in the barn all these years as it did not fit in with her country home taste. It will now hang proudly in his new batchelor pad.
On another note: My girlfriend Laura and I had dinner out last night.  We hiked up a rugged portion of the Yuba River to a spot where the entire river shoots through an eight foot wide opening in the towering rock walls. Here we dined on grilled marinated pork, vegetable saute with wild mushrooms, tomatoes and asparagus. Fly the wonder pooch had a special treat as well.  It was a rejuvinating experience.
Enoy your summer.
PS: My web site was recently updated with the latest work.

Laura and Jude

The first strokes of "Santa Cruz Harbor" back in October of 09. 
Back Yard
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Where to Find Jude's Art
Annual Omega Art show in the forest.   Hello summer!
Mowen Solinsky Gallery:  Nevada City CA. is one of the coolest old west towns in the state. Mowen Solinsky is located right on Broad St.  and one block from Hwy 49.  
Sierra Design Gallery"  Mammoth Lakes CA.   This is a must see mountain gallery.  After your day of skiing on Mammoth Mountain look for SDG across the street from Vons on Old Mammoth Rd.
Spirit Design Gallery; New Jude Paintings are now on view in Truckee.   Spirit Gallery celebrates mindful elegance with a touch of Zen.  Spirit is located on the other side of the tracks from the main street next to the bridge over the Truckee River.  http://www.cathynasoninterior.com/
Incredible Artists Gallery Cathedral City next to IMax and Mary Pickford theatres.
 Paintings are viewed by appointment only, unless you drop by with a great bottle of wine, at my studio or in your home or business.

To purchase  paintings, inquire about commissions or general information, please e-mail Jude at judebischoff@earthlink.net  or call 760-668-9408
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                                                Have a great summer!