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November 2009 Newsletter
2009 Thanksgiving MessageKPI Dynamics

2009 has been a year of tremendous change and challenge. Change brings opportunity and I hope that each of you have made the best of it.
I also hope that each of you are able to enjoy the approaching Thanksgiving and Holiday Season with family, friends and colleagues. We are fortunate that we live in America and are able to pursue our interests, raise our families and enjoy the many freedoms that we do have. I hope that 2010 will bring you good health, the ability to enjoy your families and the ability to successfully pursue your endeavors in peace and freedom.

Greetings from KPI Dynamics !    
It goes without saying that the quality of your sales hires impacts the ability of your sales team to perform and hit numbers. CEO's and Sales executives can increase their chances for a successful hire by screening for candidates who can articulate and/or document 10 key habits found in successful sales people.

  1. Prospecting - Sales pros prospect. Continually. Whether it is by cold calling, client referrals, networking, reading or tradeshows, they are looking to fill a pipeline. They self measure the number of  contacts with new prospects, existing prospects and appointments.
  2. Presentations, Meetings & Proposals - Sales pros track the number and ratio of prospect contacts to presentations/meetings/proposals/web presentation/demos on a weekly or monthly basis. This allows them to make corrections in their prospecting process if the number of presentations aren't producing enough proposals.
  3. Qualifying - Sales pros will invest their time in prospects who have an active or impending project or budget; they will quantify the time frame that the prospect wants the project implemented; they will identify and contact the decision maker(s) AND the person(s) who sign the purchase order; they will solicit from the buyer, what the expected businesses results will be if buyer moves ahead; they will attempt to solicit who their competitors are.
  4. Documentation - Sales pros always ensure that their proposals are complete, authorized, accurate and specify the exact conditions and terms of sale.
  5. Negotiation Skills - Sales pros understand company pricing, discount, service and warranty policies and with little supervision, handle their own client negotiations.
  6. Information Management -  Sales pros keep accurate and current customer data either in the CRM if there is one, or in their own personal systems.  More detail is better than less. Their forecasts tend to be more accurate.
  7. Cost of Sales Management - Sales pros understand that expense management increases overall profitability.
When interviewing, hiring and subsequently managing your sales teams, executive management should consider these 7 habits as part of the salesperson's overall performance review.  These habits can be incorporated into a performance review scorecard and can be used to coach your sales team. 
In keeping with the Value Forward (tm)  concept that sales is a premeditated process, hiring and sales management are premeditated processes.  As such, these can be measured, reviewed and modified to meet your changing business requirements.  
KPI Dynamics 
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How would you like your clients and prospects to view your sales team as PEERS, instead of as just another vendor?
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November 17, 2009
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How to Create Them! 

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