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September 2009 

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Freedom to speak - freedom to choose
Living Wisdom Issue 4 out now!
Natural medicine
Homebirth Rights Rally
Vaccine reactions
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Freedom to speak - freedom to choose


Most of you may be aware that a person who claims not to bemegaphone associated with the Australian Skeptics but who has written an article for their magazine and posts extensively on all of their boards and web pages has filed a complaint against both the AVN and myself with the HCCC (Health Care Complaints Commission). He is claiming that the information we provide to parents and health professionals is incorrect, not based on science and is dangerous to the health of Australians. Despite his denial of involvement with the Skeptics, the complaint was supported by Australian entrepreneur and Australian Skeptics founder, Dick Smith, who sponsored a 1/4 page ad in the Australian newspaper to coincide with the complaint. The ad asked parents not to listen to anything we have to say but to get their information from doctors and the government.
The HCCC has requested that we respond to this complaint and I have spent many hours drafting a scientifically-based, fully-reference response to these baseless claims which will hopefully be considered fairly by the expert clinical committee at the HCCC and will lead to an exoneration of both the AVN and myself.
The problem is that this will not do anything to stop the anti-choice, anti-information efforts of organisations such as the non-Skeptics who hate God, complementary health, the AVN and me and accept without question anything that is mainstream, drug based, genetically engineered or approved by scientists who often have strong financial links to the products they are recommending.
In conjunction with the HCCC complaint, several anti-AVN websites have sprung into existence, some of them inciting violence against AVN activities and myself.
A recent seminar which the AVN hosted was an example of this effort with slanderous letters written by the author of the HCCC complaint and others associated with the Skeptics forcing us to change venues at the last minute. Due to these threats, for the first time in 16 years, we hired a security guard for my talk - something which was never necessary before.
While I have long known that being the public face of this organisation could put me fairly and squarely in the firing line when it comes to criticism, I never dreamed that people such as this even existed - let alone that they would stoop to such depths to try and stop someone from giving out information on the other side of what has always been a very contentious issue.
When it comes down to it however, any organisation that needs to rely on threats and intimidation to make their point cannot possibly have a legitimate argument. But, like so many issues in society today, it is those with the financial resources who get heard and those without who end up fading into the background.
This issue is too important however to let it fade away. And the AVN's message is also too important.
Look around you. There are stories every day about threats which affect you, your family, your health and your life. Without organisations like the AVN to fight on your behalf, the battle would have been over long ago. Without us here now, who will fight for you?
Here are just a few of the events that have taken place in the last week:
1- The State of Massachusetts in the US is in the processing of passing legislation which would fine citizens $1,000 a day if they refuse to take the swine flu vaccine.
2- France may be introducing compulsory vaccination against swine flu from the 28th of September and secure vaccination facilities are being set up in every region to be used as vaccination centres with no exemptions available.
3- Greece has announced that it is considering the introduction of compulsory vaccination for the swine flu vaccine.
4- In Australia, the government will be releasing the swine flu vaccine by the end of September / beginning of October - possibly before the TGA has even issued a license or a package insert. A government spokesperson said late last week that pandemic legislation may be used which will allow this release to go ahead even though insurance companies have refused to indemnify doctors who administer these shots. That same pandemic legislation could allow compulsion to be used in cases where the government deems it necessary.
At this point in time, we are issuing an urgent call for funds. I know that this is probably not a great time to be giving - the economy has still not recovered fully and many of you are doing it tough - but there is no time to wait - the greatest need is now.
Please make a donation today via the piggy-bank link below this article and forward this email on to every single friend, family member and contact you possibly can.
You can either click forward in your email account or use the forwarding link that is also below.

If you would prefer to donate by Internet banking or direct deposit, here are our details (please be sure to leave your name as identification so a receipt can be forwarded)

The Australian Vaccination Gift Fund
BSB 032 591
Account # 196282
For anyone who supports freedom, this cause must be near and dear to your heart and deserving of your help.
Meryl Dorey,
President - The Australian Vaccination Network Editor - Living Wisdom magazine
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Living Wisdom Issue 4 out now!
Has it really been a year since we changed our name to Living Wisdom? Well, since issue 4 is out now, it must be. And how thatLW4 cover year has flown by and what amazing changes we have all seen. Those changes are reflected in the features covered in this issue including:
Swine Flu - Is the cure worse than the disease?
A section which includes 2 swine flu fact sheets which can be copied and distributed to others
Hombirthing - Women's choices under threat (please visit www.homebirthaustralia.org and www.maternitycoalition.org.au for further information)

Ecstatic birth stories - Homebirth civil rights and the ritual life of childbirth - by Greg LaHood PhD
Autism - the disgraceful truth - by Don Chisholm
Drugging children - abusing kids for profit - CCHR NSW
Profile in Courage - Dr Todd Elsner - Third in a series
The soy bean- and other hormone-disrupting foods by Cyndi O'Meara 
If you are already a subscriber, your magazine is on its way and may have already been received. If you are  not yet subscribing - what are you waiting for! Get down to your local newsagent and request a copy (if they don't have one in stock, our distributor is Gordon and Gotch - ask them to get it in for you) or better yet, subscribe today and never miss a copy.
All new and renewing subscribers will be automatically entered into our competition to win one of 5 Aromatherapy Pamper Packs from Tropical Delights Aromatherapy in Tropical Far North QLD.
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Wow! You sell what?
Many of our readers run small (and not so small) businesses and as we all know, the cost of promoting your business or service can be out of the price range of most struggling entrepreneurs. Yet without advertising, businesses can stagnate or even fail.
Living Wisdom, in an effort to support ethical and natural business has put together a package which will help you to reach our readers - those who are already out there trying to find you - for a low $125 including GST! 
Our new collage ads offer you an opportunity to highlight your product on a page with other, related products and will get you noticed by the customers who want what you have to offer.
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An amazing value and a great result - what more could you ask?
For further information or to book your collage ad, please contact Dianne by email or by phone - 02 6687 0469.
Call for volunteers
The AVN would like to request the services of a couple of volunteers to transcribe medical journal articles and magazine articles to be included in a travel vaccine pack. Skill in accuracy would be the most important criterea. Speed in typing is not necessary as the project is a medium term priority. Please contact Janisse or Judy in the office on 02 66 871 699 if you are interested in participating in the project.
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Has your health improved because of natural medicine?
Have you or a loved one been given a poor prognosis by someone in the mainstream medical community only to find that by using natural therapies, you were able to turn your health around? Have you suffered from a chronic condition which required long-term drug treatment but then, discovered that a non-drug based treatment or remedy allowed you to call yourself cured and to resume your previous healthy lifestyle?
If so, then Living Wisdom would love for you to tell your story! Aside from being an inspiration to our readers, it will also help others who may find themselves in the same situation and could use your information to help improve their health status.
Please submit your story (between 800 and 1,500 words) to editor@living-wisdom.com .
We can't guarantee that all stories will be printed, but if yours is chosen, you will win a 1-year's subscription to Living Wisdom and membership to the Australian Vaccination Network so please get writing today.

Homebirth Rally 
Send a virtual you to Canberra in support of Homebirth Rights


A Homebirth Rights rally is taking place on Monday, September 7th 2009 at 11:30 AM outside of Parliament House in Canberra.
Can't go? Gotta work? Too far away? Never fear!
For only $25, you can send a virtual you to show your support for a woman's right to choose where and how she will give birth. A fantastic cause - an important issue.
Visit Homebirth Australia and the Maternity Coalition for more information and to purchase your virtual ticket to this event.
Vaccine reactions - a life is a life


Earlier this year, Dana McCaffery, a 4-week old child born on the Far North Coast of NSW, died after contracting whooping cough. Her parents have started a campaign to help educate others about the risk of infectious diseases - a campaign which has received a lot of attention and support as it rightly should. 
Any child who dies is a tragedy. Any child who is injured is a reason for heartache and grief.
The AVN's issue is that whilst Dana is a visible and tangible 'poster child' for the potential outcome of disease, the thousands of children and adults who have been killed or injured by vaccines are invisible and unacknowledged.
We have hundreds of families on our reactions database and we know that this is only the tiniest tip of the iceberg. For every person who actually finds out about the AVN and reports their child's reactions, we estimate that there are at least 10 others who don't know we exist and whose reactions are never reported.
In addition, a new and concerning phenomenon has been occurring whereby parents who have contacted us to say that their child has had a reaction and to ask for help, have refused to report the reactions for fear that they will be victimised by doctors who they say will refuse to treat their children if the reactions are reported to the government.
For every 20 reaction report forms we send out - only 1 comes back. And follow-up will generally only get another 1 or 2 to fill in and report their reactions.
It is absolutely essential that all reactions are reported and investigated and I want to assure everyone that when we report these reactions to ADRAC (the Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee), they are completely de-identified. There is no way that anyone in the government or the health department will ever know who has made the report. 
If we are contacted for further information, we will contact the reporter and ask for their permission to provide their details to the government, but if that permission is not given, we will not provide any further information about the reaction.
While we understand the fear of discrimination that many of you feel, we also firmly believe that without your honest and courageous efforts to ensure that reactions get reported, others will suffer because the safety statistics for vaccines (and drugs!) will continue to be skewed. 
Please, if you or someone you know has had an adverse reaction - ask them to report it to us either via our web site or by contacting us by phone on 1800 007 468 so we can send you out a printed form which you can fill in and return. Keep this number handy to give to others - it is toll-free from anywhere in Australia and is specifically for reporting adverse reactions.
If you are a health professional, business owner, teacher or anyone else who regularly comes in contact with children, please ask us to send you a form which you can photocopy and hand out to those who have suffered reactions. You can also photocopy the reaction report form that is in each copy of Living Wisdom magazine.
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AVN Library


Mother Warriors Mother Warriors book
A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds
by Jenny McCarthy
:: A New York Times Bestseller ::

Across the globe, parents are figting Herculean battles against an intransigent medical community that refuses to believe that autism can be healed. Mothers are going into battle for proper diagnois and effective treatment, often at great personal cost. Jenny McCarthy knows what it's like - she put her career and personal life on hold when she realised something was wrong with her son, Evan. Her efforts have brought growing awareness to the controversy over the causes and treatment of autism. Now, Jenny wants everyone to know that there are other warriors out there, and their stories will inspire and inform anyone facing a similar struggle. Jenny McCarthy lives in California with her son, Evan, and Jim Carrey.
$23.00 Buy here
Radiant WomenRadiant Women book
Simple steps to a better menstruation and menopause
by Wendy Dumaresq
A Natural Women Network Publication
2nd Editon 2009
295mm x 210mm x 6mm
79 Pages
Updated and expanded edition with three completely new chapters.
Written by an experienced and qualified Medical Herbalist and Natural Fertility Management Counsellor, Radiant Women is easy to read and understand. It is designed for women who wish to commence helping themselves to make improvements to their menstrual or menopausal experiences.
Radiant Women provides great benefits for all women including:
- Practical and empowering solutions for women by women
- Easy to follow workbook style format
- Learn more about how you can help your self, including signs and symptoms, common conditions such as painful periods, PMS, PCOS, bleeding problems, hot flushes, fatigue,, skin problems, when to seek more help and much more
- Learn from other womens stories
- Common questions and answers
- How to determine if you are ovulating and if your temperature is ideal for good health
- Important dietary and lifestyle tips.
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