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July 2009 

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Action alert - compulsory H1N1 (Swine flu) vaccine just around the corner


swine flu

It is happening just as we said it would. First, we said that a worldwide pandemic would be declared and that has happened. Because of the pandemic, we said that the government would use its emergency powers to enforce vaccination. That hasn't happened here in Australia yet but in the US and the UK, all the talk is about getting EVERYONE vaccinated against swine flu and normal human flu this coming (Northern) winter.
The UK government has pre-ordered 90 million doses of the vaccine and has pushed through the testing (if you can call it that - they aren't even testing the actual vaccine - just a 'mock-up' shot whose composition is not the same) to 5 days and at the end of that time, all will be declared safe and it's time to roll up your sleeve - or else!
We here in Australia may have a little bit more time because our winter flu season doesn't start until a few months later, but there is no time to sit back and wait to see what happens. We need to take action now to let our elected representatives and the media know what we feel about any form of forced medication.
Below are two facsimile letters - one that I've put together which can be sent to politicians and a fantastic short piece written by Winnie Harrison, a subscriber to our AVN discussion list. Feel free to use it either of these letters as is or to put these ideas into your own words. I have included these letters so that if you don't have the time to write your own, you can still send one. Every single person's letter is important so please - do this now!



Letter to politicians - representatives (by the way, if you are not in Australia, you can still use this letter for your own elected representatives since ALL countries are looking at using and perhaps mandating this vaccine).
Dear ,
It has been brought to my attention that Baxter International, a major multi-national pharmaceutical company which has now received contracts from nations all around the world to produce and distribute a new swine flu (H1N1) vaccine, is under suspicion for the following reasons:
1- In February, 2009, Baxter's Austrian branch sent batches of what was supposed to be human influenza (H3N2) vaccine to 18 different European countries. These countries were to use these vaccine samples to produce human flu vaccines for their populations. One country, the Czech Republic, tested these batches and found them to be contaminated with live Avian inflenza virus (H5N1 - Bird flu). Had this vaccine been administered to people prior to this contamination being discovered, it could have caused a deadly pandemic.

2- Baxter had been given stocks of Avian inflenza virus by the US government so it could work on producing a vaccine against any future outbreak of this disease. This virus was provided to them under the condition that they would adhere to the required Biosafety Level 3 strict controls. Had these controls been followed, this sort of contamination would have been impossible. There are only 2 conclusions one can draw from the fact that this contamination event took place. Either:

Baxter were incredibly careless with their procedures causing an accidental contamination which then, incredibly, was allowed to get out into millions of doses of vaccine before anyone noticed; or

The contamination was intentional and it was only a matter of luck and good due diligence on the part of the Czech officials that this was caught before anyone received the contaminated vaccine lots.

3- The outbreak of Swine Flu (H1N1) which has led the World Health Organisation (WHO) to declare the highest possible level of pandemic awareness - Level 6 - began in Mexico City - right near a Baxter Labs facility which was working on experimental flu vaccine. This might be no more than a coincidence were it not for the fact that on August 28, 2008, Baxter Labs filed for a patent (# US20090060950A1) on H1N1 virus - almost a full year before this outbreak occurred or H1N1 had ever been heard of! This patent demonstrates that Baxter was working on a vaccine which would have been composed of several different types of viruses including human, pig, dog, horse and avian flu. Is it too much to expect that the company which sent out contaminated flu vaccines in February could not have done exactly the same thing several months later in May?
The New Zealand Minister of Health, the Hon Tony Ryall, has asked Ministry of Health officials to urgently advise him on issues raised about a swine flu vaccine produced by Baxter International Inc. There is grave concern that due to the past record of contamination and errors made by Baxter Labs, none of their vaccines can be trusted.
As a concerned citizen, I agree that there is cause to question Baxter's products and hope that you will also see that there are very serious outcomes possible if a pharmaceutical company, which has been given a contract to make vaccines which will protect health, instead distributes vaccines which spread disease and possibly, even cause death.
It is my will that you do everything within your power to call for a public and transparent investigation of this situation and that any vaccines produced by Baxter International should be thoroughly examined by an independent laboratory for any evidence of contamination with adventitious viruses or bacteria and that the results of this investigation be made public as a matter of urgency.
I thank you for your time and await your prompt response to my letter.
Kind regards,
Baxter Sent Bird Flu Virus to European Labs by Error 

Baxter Pharmaceutical Plant in Mexico- Ground Zero for Flu Outbreak
Letter Sparks Investigation of Baxter Vaccine by New Zealand Minister of Health

Winnie's letter (below) is perfect for sending to any media outlet. It is short (we should try to keep these letters to between 200 and 250 words to ensure that they are not edited) and very much to the point. I think that if all of us sent this letter or one very much like it to our local newspapers, TV stations and radio stations, we would have an excellent chance of raising some interest in this issue.

Dear ,
I was shocked to learn recently that pharmaceutical company Baxter International filed a patent for a swine flu vaccine a year ago, before the swine flu was ever heard of. This is the same company responsible for sending contaminated flu vaccine out earlier this year (Please note - the source for this information is the Bloomberg reference above - it might be a good idea to cite this at the end of your letter). Does anyone else find this awfully suspicious? I know I'm not getting any experimental swine flu vaccine - especially one made by Baxter.

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She is also the mother of 4 children aged between 20 and 13 - one of whom was injured by vaccines. This event led to almost 20 years of research into how vaccinations can affect the health of both children and adults and a passionate belief in everyone's right to make free and informed health choices without fear of discrimination or financial penalties.

The AVN was formed due to a need in the community for better information about this important health issue and for support as well for those whose families have suffered as a result of vaccine reactions or health-based discrimination.
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The role of Chiropractic
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The chiropractic perspective is to investigate which of the structural, biochemical, and stress factors are involved which may contribute to the cause.
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Neurotransmitters are chemicals in the nervous system which make the nerves work properly and toxicity can prevent the enzymes from converting substances to their active form in order to make this happen.

The child (or adult) may be in constant "fight or flight" which  can cause many immune system problems which may actually be the patients main symptoms.
This seminar will give you an idea of where to start in terms of what your child might need and show some of the many options available to parents for any child to realise their potential, no matter what their symptoms.
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