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March 2009

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What's been happening? 
This issue is a catch-up on what has been happening with the AVN AVN logoover the past 2 very busy weeks. Please read below for a short summary:

1. Fund raising for the Autism ad - as you would most likely know, the AVN has been trying to raise $53,000 to fund a full-page ad in the Australian newspaper (please visit our website for a view of this ad and for further information). We have had several
small and some larger donations but we are still very far away from
our goal. In the interests of actually bringing this to pass and also, due to rethinking who our target audience will be and where this publicity would have the most benefit, we have had a change of thinking. Rather than a 1-off, one day ad in the Australian newspaper, we have decided to go for a full-page ad in every edition of Copland Publishing's 'Child' magazines - of which there are 6 published each month for every capital city in Australia with the exception of Darwin.

This will reach new parents and parents to be and is also distributed for free through many outlets across Australia on a monthly basis so their productive time is much greater. This will cost $26,000 in total - almost half of what the ad in the Australian would have run us. To date, we have raised only about $7,000 so we are still pretty far from that goal. Generation Rescue, the organisation that came up with this ad and who has been promoting both informed choice and biomedical treatments for autism all across the US, has promised to give us 1/3 of the funds needed if we can raise 2/3 and they will also help us with a publicity campaign to accompany this ad - one that may include the participation of both Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey. I don't need to tell you what a boost this sort of publicity can and will give to the issue of vaccine safety in Australia - it will be phenomenal for everyone who has been so frustrated by the lack of balance in the media. What it comes down to then is that we need to raise $19,000 and they will give us the rest. We have raised $7,000 so far - so we need another $12,000. If you have not already donated, please don't delay because who knows how much longer the media will show the interest in vaccination that they have shown over the past few weeks. We truly do need to strike while this iron is hot.

 2. Public meeting on the Sunshine Coast - The AVN hosted a public meeting on the Sunshine Coast in QLD due to the recent 'outbreak' of measles experienced at the Beerwah High School. This involved 13 students who were diagnosed with measles and though we have asked and asked the public health unit to provide us with the details of the vaccination status of these kids, they have not been forthcoming. We have now filed a Freedom of Information claim to get this information, but I would be very surprised if the majority of those involved were not fully vaccinated. If these were unvaccinated children, we would be hearing about it. The cover-up only occurs when it is the vaccinated but unprotected who get sick.

The day which was organised by a very dedicated and hard-working group of families was a resounding success - especially amazing when you think that it was put together with just over a week's notice! We were lucky enough to have speakers from the chiropractic, naturopathic and homoeopathic professions and Meryl Dorey also presented some pro- choice vaccination information.

Television media were in attendance and we understand that Channel 7 news gave the event a really good run though that is only third-hand information. If anyone has the report in a format that can be emailed, please contact the AVN or just send it to meryl@avn.org.au.
We would really like to thank Peta, Melissa, Betrice and all of the
other wonderful volunteers who came out to make this day so wonderful - your assistance is so appreciated!

3. The family that has lost custody of their 2 children due to an
accusation of Shaken Baby Syndrome (see the AVN's blog for further details) have been speaking with solicitors about their case and we are all hopeful that the authorities can be prevailed upon to see common sense and return these children to their loving family.
From talks with experts in the area of false accusations of both Shaken Baby Syndrome and Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy, recent years have seen a large increase in the number of families facing these situations and one has to wonder if the increase in the number of vaccines over the same period could somehow be connected?

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AVN Annual General Meeting

We did not get a quorum at our AGM so it has been rescheduled. Many people have expressed interest in becoming a committee member but were unsure of what is involved so I just thought I would put a summary here.

Committee meetings are held online using the same software we use for our Webinars. You need to have a computer and a headset. If you don't have a headset, we will provide you with one to use while you are on the committee.

Our meetings will be held monthly and will generally run for
approximately one hour. Committee members are expected to attend at least 8 meetings each year and we will schedule them for the ease of our committee who reside on both coasts of Australia.
We hope for your input as far as ideas go and, if it is possible,
active assistance in taking on jobs is also encouraged though not
required. These jobs can include helping to plan seminars in your
local area, contacting a local politician or media representative and writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper.

I hope you will see that this is neither a time-consuming nor a
difficult role. We would love to welcome you on board as a committee member.

Our AGM will now be held on Saturday, April 4th from 3 to 4 PM AEST. If you can attend, you must email Judy by 4PM Friday April 3rd so she can arrange to send you an invitation.

AVN donation
Naturally healthy children seminar 
Dr Rosemary Keating - Unlocking your child's potentialrosemary through chiropractic
Rosemary graduated as a chiropractor in 1989 and holds a Master's Degree in Paediatrics. She is passionate about informing and inspiring families to understand the influence they have on brain development in their children, and to actively engage in their family's wellness health care. Practicing on the Sunshine Coast, Rosemary travelsnationally teaching at paediatric seminars for the chiropractic profession.
Cyndi O'Meara
- Changing Habits Creating Healthy Lives
Is a qualified Nutritionist, International Speaker, Author and founder of Changing Habits. Cyndi holds a Bachelors degree in Science with post graduate studies in human anatomy, diagnosis and health management. She is consistently called upon to share her health insights and has contributed to a host of National magazines, publications and newspaper articles. In addition Cyndi has also been featured on numerous TV Programs such as Today Tonight, 9am with David and Kim and Brisbane Extra Well regarded for her immense knowledge, entertaining and enthusiastic approach to well being, she is regularly interviewed on talkback Radio programs nationally as well as being the weekly Nutritional expert for the ABC. A fabulous role model for healthy living, Cyndi is not your typical nutritionist: she disagrees with the boring tasteless low-fat, low-calorie diets; she thinks chocolate can be good for you and coffee is not so bad; she loves butter; and is one out of ten nutritionists who does not recommend a certain breakfast cereal; She is passionate about children's health and has been focal in changing many families health outcomes with her unique approach to food.
Dr Dzung Price - The Hidden Factors for Perpetuating Autism
Dr Dzung Price is a holistic integrated medical practitioner with qualifications in Nutritional and Environmental medicine, Herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Bio-energy Medicine, Homotoxicology and Biomesotherapy. She utilises the combined resources of her talented team, a comprehensive array of healing modalities, cutting edge medical technology, and self-empowerment solutions to address root causes and return optimal health and wellness in mind, body and spirit in her two clinics in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Dzung is well known for her ground breaking work in the field of allergy medicine and nutrition. She is the author of Your Allergy Free Child and the Complete 7 Day Detox Guide. She is passionate about helping parents take charge of their family's own health and wellbeing. Her Fast Freedom from Allergies Self Treatment (FFAST) system is a step-by-step program which provides parents the knowledge, resources and self-empowering tools they need to identify and relieve their children's allergies and food sensitivities at home.

Dzung is the co-creator of the successful BIOFAST Allergy Relief System and the co-founder and director of Renew You Wellbeing and Longevity Centre and Newlife Marketing and Publishing companies. www.renewyoujourney.com.au
Meryl Dorey - Vaccinations - do they promote healthy children?
Since 1994, Meryl Dorey has run the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), a national health lobby group that supports everyone's rights to make free and informed health choices when it comes to the issues of vaccination and health. The AVN, via its nationwide support service and its magazine, Living Wisdom, has promoted the idea that good health comes from a loving environment, proper nutrition and healthcare from dedicated natural therapists working in conjunction with medical doctors.

Though Australia currently has the highest vaccination rate on record, it also has the highest ever reported incidence of some diseases such as whooping cough and a larger number of chronically ill children then we have ever seen before. What role does vaccination have to play in society today? Is it responsible - at least in part - for the increase in formerly rare chronic conditions such as diabetes, Autism, ADD, ADHD, asthma, eczema and cancer and how can we as parents ensure that we make the best possible informed choices to keep our children healthy?
Everyone who attends this talk will receive the following bonuses - absolutely FREE!
  • Vaccination Roulette - compiled by the AVN $24.95
  • Your Allergy Free Child E Book - by Dr Dzung Price $37.00
  • The 21 Day Weight Loss Get Healthy E Book - by Cyndi O'Meara $22.00
Total value $83.95

Date - Saturday, June 13
Venue - Phoenix Centrum - Buderim, QLD
Cost - Non-AVN Members - $37 Per Person - $57 a couple
           AVN Members - $27 per person - $40 per couple

(Please note - you can join the AVN when booking your tickets to access the discount)
Pre-booking essential.
AVN donation
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AVN Library 
Fear of the InvisibleFear-of-the-Invisible
by Janine Roberts
Second Edition 2009
Pages: 299
157mm W x 235mm H x 20mm T 
How scared should we be of Viruses and Vaccines, HIV and AIDS?
An investigative journey into a reckless and contaminated medical industry. We have all been taught to fear viruses and yet scientists are now discovering that they are a fundamental part of life and are made by the millions in all healthy cells. It seems that we may have misjudged the virus and most of them maybe simple inert messages carried from cell to cell. This is a very interesting and controversal book on diseases, vaccines and what Janine calls "vaccine plagues", the emerging plagues caused by medical intervention into previously healthy bodies. Janine exposes the impurity of vaccines and the fraudulent science which is behind may accepted medical treatments. This book is highly recommended reading.
Vaccine Safety Manual
by Neil Z MillerVaccine Safety Manual
Pages: 559
Size: 23cm x 15cm x 2.5cm

Guide to Immunization Risks and Protection For Concerned Families and Health Practicioners.
The Vaccine Safety Manual is the latest book from this popular and well respected author. This complete guide to immunization risks and protection is a important addition to every families home library. It includes information on every major vaccine including the HPV, polio, tetanus, MMR, hepatitis A & B, Hib, chicken pox, shingles, rotavirus, pneumoccoccal, meningitis, RSV, DTaP, anthrax, smallpox, TB, and Flu vaccines. All of the information is written in an easy to understand format and includes more than 1000 scientific citations and more than 90 graphs, charts and illustrations. This is a must read for every parent, healthcare professional and policy maker. With the growing body of evidence that vaccination may be linked to chronic illness and autism it is imperative that parents educate themselves before making the vaccine decision.