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February 2009

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The AVN needs your help
Since 1994, the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) has been there for all Australians and those overseas who were in need of information, support and assistance when it came to their rights regarding vaccination. Many of you reading this have been helped by our services. Many children worldwide are now healthy young adults because of the help rendered by the AVN. Many of you receive government assistance in order to keep your children in childcare despite the fact that they are not vaccinated or have received the Maternity Immunisation Allowance for your unvaccinated children - only because the AVN lobbied the government to amend legislation in order for you to retain these entitlements.

The AVN has now reached a crisis point and it's up to you to decide whether or not we are able to continue to provide these services.

Our auditors have told us that they they have serious concerns about our financial status and our ability to continue as a viable entity. The financial crisis, which has affected so many of us here in Australia and overseas, has also taken its toll on our organisation and we are faced with the possibility of being forced to close our doors within the next two weeks. We need immediate financial help in order to prevent this.

Our debts are just over $50,000 - more than half of that co-signed for by Meryl Dorey personally - a debt which can take years for her to pay off on her own. Our magazine, Living Wisdom, which is growing well and which has a circulation of over 2,500 to subscribers and 5,000 via newsagents, is ready to expand to reach more people with its vital information but needs funds in order to do so.

What is needed in the short term is an influx of donations to help the AVN keep its doors open. We have been given until the end of February to prove that we are financially viable and that will mean paying off the majority of our debts and being in a position to show that we can continue to operate free of excess liabilities.

In the long term, we are looking for 5-10 investors who can see the benefit of our high-quality publication - one that is unique in the breadth, accuracy and independence of its reporting. These investors are welcome to contact us for a current financial report showing them Living Wisdom's costs and income from advertising. This will be more than a business deal (though with our staff of writers, contributors and dedicated supporters, with the proper funding, our magazine can compete with any other publication in the English-speaking world today) - it will be a show of support for everyone's rights to make free and informed health choices. Since this is a business investment, it will be completely tax deductible for our investors.

The AVN has operated for more than 15 years on a volunteer-basis; Living Wisdom has been published continuously (under the names Informed Choice and Informed Voice) for 15 years as well - due only to the dedication of its staff, it subscribers and the AVN members who have made it all possible. Please don't let money - which the pharmaceutical companies have in abundance - be the reason for this independent voice to be silenced.

Kind regards,
The AVN National Committee

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