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I had no choice...
dr with needleThose words have been going through my head a lot this last couple of weeks. Mainly because I have been contacted by a couple of health professionals who submitted to vaccinations despite the fact that they had already had serious reactions. They were told that they had no choice - if they wanted to keep their jobs, they would be vaccinated.
Both of these people had serious, life-threatening long-term reactions which are still keeping them out of paid employment. Oddly enough, they both were diagnosed with the same disease - Lupus Panniculitis. Their symptoms were almost identical and while one of them has been dealing with this for a matter of months, the other one has been disabled since 1992.

When the first person contacted me, she said that she had contacted all of the 'specialists' at the hospital to ask if her condition could be related to the vaccine she had been given (Hep B) just prior to falling ill. All of them said with great confidence that there was no link. While I was on the phone, I did a quick google search for the words Hep B Vaccination and Panniculitis. I got 3,410 links.

When the second person contacted me a matter of days after the first with such a similar story (she had actually lost a Worker's Compensation claim because the doctors stated in court that there had never been a connection between Hepatitis B vaccine and any longer term side effect!), I realised that we might actually be looking at a 'tip of the iceberg' situation.

So, do these people have the right to make choices? And just as important - does the government or an employer have the right to tell you what risks you must take with your health in order to keep your job?

What do you think? Please write in and let me know. And if you are an employee of a public hospital in any state in Australia, let me know if you're willing to do something about this. Write to me at [email protected] and let's see if we can get some action happening on this dreadful abuse of our rights.

Pain-Free Fund raising
Maternity Immunisation Allowance
As you are aware, the AVN is always trying to raise money to keep its operations going. A couple of our members have recently donated part of their Maternity Immunisation Allowance to us. They said that without the AVN's lobbying Parliament to get legislation put through to ensure their rights to government entitlements, they wouldn't have this money or the Childcare Allowance anyway so they felt that we deserved part of it for our support of them. We thought this was a great idea! If you are in a position to give us a portion of your Maternity Allowance, we would be very grateful - just one more idea that hopefully won't put too big a hole in anyone's pocket.

Ritchie's IGAritchies community card
Ritchie's IGA, an independent grocery chain with stores in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, has a community benefits program that gives any charity a percentage of purchases made. I have nominated the AVN for my percentage and would really appreciate it if those of you who shop at Ritchies would do the same.

Visit www.ritchies.com.au to find out the location of your nearest store and consider doing your shopping there. On the upside, IGA's generally have a very wide range of organic and local produce and pay growers and local producers a much higher price for their goods - both things that we should want to support.
Until next time, stay well and stay healthy,
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National Maternity Services Review: Have Your Say!

pregnantHomebirth Access Sydney (HAS), along with other similar groups across the country, has been lobbying for reform of Australian maternity services for many years. 
HAS believes that all women should be supported to choose the place and the practitioner that they feel most comfortable with for their birth and that models of care should recognise midwives as experts and primary carers in normal pregnancy and birth.
The World Health Organization (WHO) recognises midwives as the most appropriate and cost effective type of health care provider for the care of healthy pregnancy and birthing women and the safety of planned homebirth is now well established in both Australian and international research.

The Federal Minister for Health Nicola Roxon released a new discussion paper Improving Maternity Services in Australia on 10th September. The paper can be found here.
The Federal Government is using this paper to seek input from the community about prospective changes in maternity services and is seeking responses from individual women, carers and community groups about how to improve local maternity care.

I am emailing you to strongly encourage you to respond to the discussion paper and send a clear signal to the Government that Australian women, our families and communities are ready for reform.

Responses are due by the 31st October and can be emailed to: [email protected] or sent to:
The Secretariat
Maternity Services Review
MDP 94, GPO Box 9848

You might also like to send a copy of your letter or email to Federal Member of Parliament and/or Senator.
happy home birth
This is a fantastic opportunity for mothers, families, midwives, and other birth professionals to have their say and I would really encourage you to send in your thoughts. Even if you only have a few minutes it would be really useful for you to send an email with a couple of key points such as:
  • High/lowlights of your own pregnancy and birth;
  • That women who birth at home are less likely to have interventions including assisted deliveries and caesarean sections;
  • That keeping well women and their babies out of hospital beds represents a significant cost saving to Government;
  • That you support expanding the Medicare schedule to include midwives so more pregnant women can access midwife-led care;
  • That you urge the Government to assist midwives to obtain appropriate and affordable professional indemnity insurance.
Your support for this process is really crucial. Please make the most of this great opportunity to have your say about the future of birthing in Australia. And circulate these details to your family and friends to encourage them to respond also.
HAS looks forward to the Rudd Labor Government implementing a new system of maternity services as soon as possible as a way of providing better, safer birth choices for Australian mothers.
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Health Month
Needle_may2Jenny McCarthy: My Son No Longer Has Autism
Despite criticism from the American Academy of Paediatrics, Jenny McCarthy says she helped her son, Evan, recover from autism.
The actress - who believes the MMR vaccine was to blame for her son's diagnosis - says a strict no wheat-and-dairy-free diet has changed her son from a quiet little boy who used to flail his arms around to a loving six-year-old.
Click here to read more
Why Couldn't Autism be the Result of a Monkey Virus?
The best written account of the contamination of the polio vaccine with monkey viruses is found in the book The Virus and the Vaccine by Debbie Bookchin, and Jim Schumacher. The book is based on an article they originally published in the Atlantic Monthly in 2000 and earned a selection in the Harper Collins book Best Science Writing 2001. I recommend the book to anyone interested in the controversy. 
According to the authors, between 1958 and 1963 (and possibly even until 2001), more than 98 million people received polio vaccines contaminated with a carcinogenic monkey vaccine, known as SV-40. (SV-40 stands for "simian virus #40". That's right, they discovered 39 previous monkey viruses in the vaccine before they got to #40.)

Doctors Told to Curb Use of Ritalin in Hyperactive Children
According to new British health guidelines, children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) should be treated with drugs such as Ritalin only in severe cases and never when they are younger than 5.

Organs removed before donors are 'dead'
Organs are being taken from donors before they are truly dead, a Melbourne doctor says. Paediatric intensive care specialist Dr James Tibballs says many people signup to donate their organs without being properly informed of the circumstances in which their organs will be used.
Is Aluminum the New Thimerosal?
Vaccines have become the most controversial parenting topic of the decade. When parents are considering whether or not to vaccinate their children, one of the things that must be considered is aluminum toxicity.
Click here to read more
Green card applicants required to get HPV vaccine
An expensive cervical cancer vaccine is now needed by young female immigrants before they can become legal U.S. residents, a requirement that immigration advocates say is unfair.

Federal officials recently added the Gardasil vaccine to a list of vaccinations that immigrants must have before they can obtain green cards. The cervical cancer vaccine is required of females ages 11 to 26.
Click here to read more 
New Jersey To Require Mandatory Kidney Donation
New Jersey has had it with the lack of participation in the organ donation program among its citizens. In an effort to save the lives of gravely ill men, women and especially innocent children in the Garden State, Governor Corzine has passed a law that requires all healthy citizens to donate one kidney by age 45. Yes, the Garden State plans to reap your kidney. The law is called "Kidney2Me."  
Click here to read more
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Earth Matters
EarthUS outlaws 4000 year old seed in Iraq
One would think that Iraqi farmers, now prospering under "freedom" and "democracy," would be able to plant the seeds of their choosing, but that choice, under little-known Order 81, would be illegal.

But first, it is important to set the context. Most people have never heard of the infamous "100 Orders," but they help explain why the majority of Iraqis remain opposed to foreign occupation. The 100 Orders allow multinational corporations to basically privatize an entire nation, and this degree of foreign and private control has not been witnessed since the days of the British East India Company and its extraterritoriality treaties.
Gore urges civil disobedience to stop coal

Gore urges civil disobedienceNEW YORK (Reuters) - Nobel Peace Prize winner and environmental crusader Al Gore urged young people on Wednesday to engage in civil disobedience to stop the construction of coal plants without the ability to store carbon.
The former U.S. vice president, whose climate change documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" won an Academy Award, told a philanthropic meeting in New York City that "the world has lost ground to the climate crisis."

"If you're a young person looking at the future of this planet and looking at what is being done right now, and not done, I believe we have reached the stage where it is time for civil disobedience to prevent the construction of new coal plants that do not have carbon capture and sequestration," Gore told the Clinton Global Initiative gathering to loud applause.
Click here to read more

Labor refuses water reform
Independent Federal MP Tony Windsor has blamed "irresponsible party solidarity" by Labor members for the defeat of an amendment he had introduced in a bid to protect rural groundwater supplies from mining developments.

Mr Windsor singled out South Australian Labor MPs for voting along party lines to defeat his amendment that he says would have provided greater knowledge of the groundwater catchment system of the Murray-Darling Basin and could have provided greater security for Adelaide's water supply.

Mr Windsor moved an amendment to the Water Amendment Bill 2008 this morning in a bid to empower the Federal Government to override State mining interests.

Arctic 5degrees hotter than usual
AUTUMN air temperatures have climbed to record levels in the Arctic due to major losses of sea ice as the region suffers more effects from a warming trend dating back decades, a report says.
The annual report issued by researchers at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other experts is the latest to paint a dire picture of the impact of climate change in the Arctic.

It found that northern autumn air temperatures are at a record 5C above normal in the Arctic because of the major loss of sea ice in recent years that allows more solar heating of the ocean.

(C) 2008 The Generator, Sustainable future online
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Recommended media
Active BirthSPECIAL!

Active Birth - The new approach to giving birth naturally
By Janet Balaskas
212 pages
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In an active birth a mother moves about freely, finds comfortable positions for labour and delivery and seldom needs drugs or obstetrical interventions. In Active BirthJanet Balaskas teaches mothers to develop all of their bodily resources for giving birth, to follow their own instincts, and to take full control of the childbirth experience.
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Your Doctor Forgot To Tell You
by Dr Warren Sipser and Andi Lew7 things
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How healthy are you really? Take the test and then find out what you can do to improve your health. This book gives you 7 key things your doctor may have forgotten to tell you that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to achieve optimal health. 7 Things Your Doctor Forgot To Tell You is a scientifically based approach to manifest wellness. Reading this book can empower you to make more informed common sense choices to improve the health of you and your loved ones, easily and effectively.
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Investigate Before You Vaccinate: A guide for parents
VISA (Vaccination Information South Australia)Investigate
Revised and updated September  2008
63 Pages
98mm x 208mm
Nobody wants their child to suffer from disease or illness, but are vaccines the answer? Most literature about vaccination promotes the belief that the benefits of vaccines outweigh any potential risks. This booklet contains information that questions both the effectivness and safety of vaccines.
$5.00 for each booklet (including P&H) or 20 copies or more for $3.75 each (plus $10 postage) Buy here

Vaccination? It's your informed choice53Cover
by Dr Peter Baratosy 
139 pages
210mm x 147mm

Restocked and back by popular demand.
Not every doctor believes that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks! This book written from an Australian viewpoint that will inform you and make you think twice about just what you are putting into your and your children's bodies when you choose to vaccinate. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 
$20.00 Buy here
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