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THANK YOU doesn't even come close! New family
Thank you all for your amazing response to the plight of the families who are fighting for the right to make an informed decision about the healthcare of their children. We are very happy to be able to report that thanks to your help, one of these cases has been settled with a positive outcome and we now have sufficient funds to cover the legal expenses of the other family for the present. Indeed, we are in the wonderful position of having a small surplus in our Fighting Fund account.
Unfortunately, the AVN itself is not in such a good position. We have spent a lot of time and resources helping these families and it has taken a toll on both the AVN's finances and on the production of our next issue of Living Wisdom magazine which many of you will have realised by now is running behind schedule. (Please note - we will be taking delivery of the magazine on the 17th of October and will be sending it off shortly thereafter. Remember, if you're in the local area and can spare a few hours to help around this time, email [email protected] and let her know.)
We understand that these donations were sent to the AVN for the purpose of helping these two families in distress and the many other families who either now or in the future may face a similar situation. We also know that many of you have been thinking - and rightly so - that if this sort of discrimination could happen to these families, it could happen to any one of us as well.

With this in mind, it is vital that the AVN stay open for business and in a strong enough position to help any other families faced with something like this.  Currently the AVN is facing the serious prospect of having to close because of financial constraints. We therefore ask that if you have donated funds to our legal Fighting Fund in recent times, you consider allowing us to use a portion of that donation for our day to day running expenses and to pay some outstanding debts. If you have made such a donation to the Fighting Fund and would rather it remains there to be used only to pay the legal expenses of families fighting this discrimination, please  let us know either by telephoning or email. If you did make a donation but we haven't heard from you by 7th October 2008 about this matter, we will assume that you have no objection to the AVN utilising your contribution for the administrative and operational purposes of the AVN and the Living Wisdom magazine. We would much prefer not having to take such a step but that is the current situation we are facing. We thank you all for your continued support.

In addition, if you haven't yet donated, joined or subscribed, please consider doing so now either via the links below on our web site or by calling us on 02 6687 1699 during business hours, faxing your credit card details to 02 6687 2032 or sending a cheque or money order to AVN PO Box 177, Bangalow NSW 2479. 
The AVN's need right now is vitally important so please - forward this on to friends and family. There is a link below where you can do this or just hit forward in your email program (though the formatting will be better if you forward it via the link).
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