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September 2008

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Update on Stephen and Cassandra*
happy baby boyFor those of you who have been following the story of Stephen and Cassandra who have been on the run for about a month due to their refusal to vaccinate their infant son against Hepatitis B, yesterday saw a very good resolution to their ordeal.

The Supreme Court of NSW has allowed them to return home and to get back to their lives.

The magistrate involved told Stephen that he wanted to send him to prison but DoCS urged against this saying that the family needed to remain together.

In speaking with Stephen yesterday afternoon after he had returned from court, it was revealed that during the trial, there was an indication that this exact situation had occurred to many other families before - he was just the first to buck the system and fight back.

Whilst this result is excellent and all that could have been hoped for in regards to this particular family, it is an indication of the battle ahead of us.

For one thing, this case is going to be referred to the NSW Attorney General's office and it is possible though not likely that the AG will decide to pursue this family.

For another, until we get legislation enacted in NSW specifically protecting the rights of parents to freely choose whether or not they want to vaccinate their children, this sort of discrimination will continue to occur and helpless, uninformed families will continue to buckle to the pressure to vaccinate their vulnerable children.

What will it take?

At this point, the AVN has been literally run ragged over this last 4 weeks. We have completely expended our very meagre resources and are in a very tenuous position indeed. Whilst we have raised funds to help Stephen and the other family in Ipswich (whose case is proceeding thanks to your help!) that we discussed in the last E-Newsletter, we ourselves have been left ragged and completely unfunded as a result.

We want to lobby NSW Parliament; we want to be your voice and to be able to ensure your continued health rights; at this point however, we also need your support.

Four years ago, we were on the verge of bankruptcy - within 24 hours of closing our doors. When Meryl emailed out a final good-bye, the floodgates were opened and donations literally poured in. Many of you who donated chided us for letting it get so far and not telling you how bad the situation was before it reached that point.

Well, we are telling you now. We are not at that point yet thank goodness, but without your support NOW, it is only a matter of time.

Please see below how we would like to give you something back in return for your help. Donate to the AVN; subscribe and join and give your friends, neighbours, family and workmates subscriptions as well. With our current special for only $50, it won't cost you an arm and a leg and it may just mean that you and your family will be more empowered, more protected and healthier in the future.

*The family's name has been changed for their own protection
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thankyou from the AVN
To all those loyal and generous supporters who give us a monthly donation, THANK YOU! It is people like you who are keeping this boat afloat. We could not keep going without this reliable source of income. It may only seem like a small amount to you, but to us it is essential. All these little bits add up to keeping our doors open and paying our bills. 
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The DEAL for Happier, Healthier, Smarter KidsDEAL book
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His latest book deals with diet, the environment, lifestyle and attitude. It is an important read for anyone who cares about their kids, their health and the environment. This is a well researched book full of practical ideas and action steps. It tackles topics as diverse as Saving Water, Behaviour in Children, dealing with the Health System, and how to prevent asthma, as well as a multitude of others. It is highly recommended as a fascinating and educational read. 
Getting real - about growing up!Getting Real book
by Amrita Hobbs
232 pages
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Finally, we have a guide for the special challenges faced by teenagers in this ever-more complex modern world. Presented with humour and understanding, this is a book that speaks directly to teenagers and young adults as well as being a resource for parents or anyone working with youth. Not to be missed!

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Recommended media
By Helen Caldicott and
Craig Eisendrath
252 pages
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Large Print
When most of us think about the potential of outer space for future generations, we think of world communications, satellite navigation, and scientific exploration. U.S. Space Command, however, thinks about weapons. Believing that conflict in space and wars fought from space are inevitable, the president has called on the agency to weaponize outer space and thus provoke an arms race that could lead to the demise of the human race.
$40.00 Buy here
Raising a vaccine free childRaising a Vaccine Free Child

By Wendy Lydall
289 Pages
150mm x 230

The medical community presents vaccination as a safe, scientific procedure but an increasing number of parents are questioning their validity. How do parents find a way through the
maze of conflicting information on this subject? Wendy presents a comprehensive, scientifically based guide to the myths, facts, problems and solutions associated with raising a vaccine free child.
$27.50 Buy here

Treat your child yourselfTreat Your Child Yourself
by Jon Gamble & Nyema Hermiston
80 pages
150mm x 230mm

A wonderful reference guide for anyone who wants to be able to treat common childhood illnesses without having to constantly run to doctors or natural therapists. This book describes how, by using homoeopathy and nutrition, the use of pharmaceutical drugs can be minimised or avoided altogether.
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The Flouride DeceptionThe fluoride deception
by Christopher Bryson
377 pages
206mm x 135mm

Rather than being the saviour of our teeth, fluoride is a poison, plain and simple. Learn how this toxic waste product came to be added to our water
systems and why we need to stop this mass poisoning now. A must read!
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