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Family forced into hiding because of vaccination

Many of you would have seen the press release sent out yesterday regarding the situation of the family who is now hiding from DOCS and the police because of their refusal to administer a Hep B vaccine to their newborn. For those of you who are not subscribed to our email discussion list (and if you want to join, there is a link at the top left of this page just under the AVN logo), you may not be aware of the current updates to this situation which should be of concern to anyone and everyone who cares about the right to be a conscientious objector to vaccination.

Please forward this information on to anyone and everyone who you think will be interested - in other words - everyone.

As you will see, this situation requires immediate action.

Kind regards,
Parents on the run with baby after refusing vaccination

Kate Benson Medical Reporter
August 23, 2008

A SYDNEY couple was on the run with their two-day-old baby last night after the Department of Community Services took out a Supreme Court order to have the boy vaccinated against hepatitis B.

The parents, from Croydon Park, fled their home on Thursday to avoid police and DOCS officers after they refused to have their son vaccinated at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. They told the Herald yesterday that they believed aluminium in the vaccine could cause him more damage than contracting hepatitis B.

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Couple flee to avoid vaccination

Notice the subtle change in this article from the one reported in the Herald. Instead of saying that it is NSW Health Policy to offer Hep B Immunoglobulin and vaccinations, it says it is the policy for them to be administered which is not true. That is what is so stupid about this whole affair. NSW Health policy clearly states that the vaccine and immunoglobulin should be offered (and I checked with the father yesterday and they had offered both - not just the vaccine) but that if the parents refuse, paperwork needs to be filed and that's that. David Isaacs (do a google search on him in Australia - you will find some very interesting information on this person) and the paediatrician at the RPA as well as DOCS are acting outside of and above the law and they are neither!

August 23, 2008 01:39am
Article from: AAP

A SYDNEY couple are in hiding after the Department of Community Services (DoCS) took out a court order to have their three-day-old boy vaccinated against hepatitis B.
The parents, from Croydon Park, fled their home on Thursday to avoid police and DoCS officers after refusing to have their son vaccinated at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

They told Fairfax newspapers they believe aluminium in the vaccine can cause him more damage than contracting the disease.

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Court order to immunise child

Whilst it is true that the mother tested positive to Hep B several years ago, to say that she suffers from Hepatitis B is wrong. She has no symptoms of disease as most people who are exposed to this and develop antibodies to it don't have any symptoms nor will there be any long-term problems as a result of their antibody status. The lack of knowledge about this status is shocking!

The New South Wales Department of Community Services has taken out a Supreme Court order to force the parents of a three-day-old baby to immunise the child against Hepatitis B.

The Department's caseworkers and New South Wales Police have worked throughout the night to find the parents and serve them with the court order.

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Fighting Fund Started
This couple involved in this case which you have been reading about and which we have been working on for the last 36 or so hours straight is in dire need of a lawyer. PIAC said no can do. The Law Society was not able to help. Neither was legal aid. If anyone on this list is a lawyer or knows of one who believes in justice, please let me know and I will pass those details onto the parents.

This family is homeless, scared and have a 3 day old baby and 3 year old child who have 2 seriously stressed-out and now unemployed parents. They need safe places to stay (hotels probably) which cost money as well as food, clothing (everything they had is in their unit which they can't get to right now) and things for their baby.

Many of you - both in Australia and overseas - have been asking what you can do to help this family which is fantastic! We are currently in the process of setting up a fund to raise money to both help this family to survive and to establish a legal fund for their defence. Let me assure you that their defence is YOUR defence because even blind Freddy would be able to see the precedent being set here. If this family is forced to vaccinate their child - so will you be. It is the thin end of the wedge that started with the forced vaccination of health staff who unfortunately have been too disorganised, disempowered and hopeless to fight for themselves en masse. What won't a parent do to fight for their children? The government needs to know that we will not allow our children to be forced vaccine victims.

I am not able to set up a new account today for this fund so will ask you to deposit to our AVN gift fund account which is a certified fund-raising account. I will contact Westpac on Monday to set up a different account for this purpose and move all funds across as well as posting the details on this list. We will email you receipts for tax purposes if you email us to let us know that you have deposited funds - this is very important! Send notices of donations to Judy and tell her the amount you have paid in. Deposits can be made by direct deposit or you can donate via our web site  - www.avn.org.au and just click on the link for donations. PLEASE NOTE - IF YOU DON'T LET US KNOW THAT YOUR DONATIONS IS FOR THIS CAUSE, WE WILL ASSUME IT IS FOR THE AVN SO PLEASE SPECIFY. And if you want to donate to the AVN as well so we can keep on supporting families like this, please consider making an additional small gift at the same time - any size gift is appreciated and Paypal is available for all those who prefer to use this method. All funds given to support this family will go directly to them and for their defence.

So to repeat, you can donate using a credit card by clicking here
You do not need to register on the site to do this - just click on the donation amount you want to give and if you want to give more than the amounts listed, just put in the multiple you wish (eg 10 X $10 - for a $100 donation). You will be able to put some text in the checkout phase so just say for instance - I would like to give this $100 to the fighting fund or, I would like to give $80 to the fighting fund and $20 to the AVN.

By using the web site, you can pay by Mastercard, Bankcard, VISA, Diner's Card or American Express as well as Paypal. If you want to pay at the bank or by direct deposit, here are the details:

Westpac Bank
Account name - Australian Vaccination Network Incorporated Gift Fund
BSB - 032591
Account number - 196282

Use your first and last name as identification on the payment and email Judy to give her the amount, identification left and purpose of the donation.

Thanks for your help. Please remember that this is an urgent and immediate situation so don't delay making a donation and if you can help in other ways (recommending a lawyer/barrister, contacting politicians in NSW etc.) write to let me know.