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Christopher Street West 
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2011 Board Members


Rodney Scott - President

Sue Sexton - Secretary

Shirley Delovich - Treasurer


Patti DiLugi

Steve Ganzell

Jason Roundy

Karina Samala

Louie Pacheco Saenz

Vallerie Wagner

Vince Wong   

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Rodney New Photo 02-23-09 SMALL

Christopher Street West is in the third year of our three-year vision: PRIDE 365: Power. Passion. Purpose.  What is purpose? Purpose gives us the reason to get up in the morning, it is the reason you draw a breath and why you pick up a pen to draft a monthly newsletter. Purpose gives us direction and also provides hope.


CSW/LA PRIDE's purpose is to provide all LGBT people a means to be who they are. Regardless of the external constraints, concerns and the daily issues that we all face, we work to make sure that we celebrate ourselves, as individuals and as a community together and with diverse and unique facets.


Even after 40 years of purposeful progress on the LGBT agenda, there is still more to do. CSW's purpose is to provide a place to celebrate our success, share our Pride and remember all that we have accomplished, united.  We exist to provide a safe space that is even more necessary in light of the recent teen suicides, the heinous violence against public people and the continued bullying of people of all walks of life.


Our purpose as we enter a new decade, a new year and a new PRIDE season - ensuring that you will always have a place to be you.


We invite you to enjoy our new Web site.  We hope to provide you with a new and revealing online experience. There will be access to current and relevant news about PRIDE, as well as other community related events, our history and those that helped to make it happen, and the opportunity for you to join in our social media activities. Finally, there is more information about our community partners and benefiting organizations. 


Beginning this month is a new and exciting effort, a continuation of our partnership with ONE National Archives, the Pioneer Spotlight - a short biographical sketch of an early LGBT person who left their mark on our world. This is even more important today to ensure that our history is passed on to future generations, so they know what it was like, and understand all that has been done for us.


As we embark on this New Year - I ask what does purpose mean to you? Share that with a friend, a loved one, or the world, and please, share it with us on our facebook fan page or by email to pr@lapride.org.  As we move forward, we will share what you have shared with us through one of our outreach tools. 


We look forward to a purposeful year as we move forward towards an exciting PRIDE celebration in 2011.


In Pride,

Rodney Scott


Christopher Street West / LA PRIDE


Yolanda Retter Pioneer


Yolanda Retter (1947-2007)


A fiercely dedicated advocate for lesbian rights, Yolanda Retter concentrated her vigorous leadership on the causes of lesbians of color. In addition to her participation in community organizing, she pursued a career as a "herstorian," co-editing books such as Queers in Space: Communities, Public Places, Sites of Resistance. She strove to honor the stories of underrepresented populations. As an archivist for ONE: National Gay & Lesbian Archives, she was the first to work on the Lesbian Legacy Collection, a project that continues today. She also worked for the June L. Mazer Lesbian Archives and served as the head Librarian/Archivist for Chicano Studies Resource Center at UCLA.  

Courtesy of ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives




We are the first to admit that we needed a new web site. Fortunately, we were finally able to put some resources into a redesigned, refreshed and more user friendly site. Among our top priorities was to allow you to quickly and easily access the information that is most important. We've added a little more color, updatable news features and easy connections to our social networks. Enjoy! 


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Reach thousands through the 2011 Official PRIDE Guide. Each year CSW produces an informative Guide to all things PRIDE. The PRIDE Guide includes entertainment and parade information, schedules, parking, dance venues, Honoree bios, sponsor information and more. The PRIDE Guide hits the street weeks prior to the event and is also showcased at all pre-PRIDE events and available during the weekend celebration. Don't miss this opportunity to place your ad in our popular PRIDE GUIDE.




CSW is looking for a qualified Intern to assist with Community Outreach and Special Event production. 


The LA PRIDE Outreach and Special Events Intern will have the unique opportunity to gain experience and exposure in event production/management, fundraising, sponsorship development, community engagement, talent booking and protocol and the operations of a non-profit organization in a very hands-on capacity.


We are looking for interns who have some knowledge and skills in these areas who would like to expand their experience that have the ability to work with minimal supervision in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment.

Email outreach@lapride.org and include a cover letter and current resume.   


A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Christopher Street West is a leading partner in the advancement of human rights, equality, outreach and education of the LGBT community. Led by a professionally-driven, volunteer-based board of directors, Christopher Street West produces one of the largest PRIDE Celebrations in the United States with an expanding global presence reaching millions of people every year.


2011  Christopher Street West Assn., Inc.   


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