Bird Watcher News  June 26th, 2012
Additional Banding Dates
Ruby-throated male

If you can't join us this Saturday, we hope you will make it to one of the other two banding events!

Our next event will be Saturday, August 25th at
Smith Gilbert Gardens
in Kennesaw from
8 - 10am.

This is a gorgeous location to spend the morning! Don't forget to take a stroll through the spectacular botanical gardens before you leave! Visit
for directions and more information about this hidden gem!

The next date is tentatively scheduled for
Saturday, September 8th
at our Buford store from
8:30 - 11am.
This will be our fourth year banding at this location and it is always popular with our guests! For directions to our store and contact information,
Click Here.

We will finalize the date as soon as possible, so stay tuned to future newsletters and visit our
Facebook page
for the latest news!

Local Bird News
Scissor-tailed flycatcher
Usually summer is a pretty dull time of year for the Georgia Rare Bird Alert (770-493-8862)
But June has been pretty exciting in the bird world!
A pair of
Scissor-tailed Flycatchers
is nesting in Bartow County. This western species rarely nests east of Louisiana. One lucky birder was able to snap some pictures of the flycatchers chasing a pair of Red-tailed Hawks out of the area. One photo shows the male actually riding on the back of a Red-tail! Check out Linda's blog and photos at 


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Receipts dated today through July 9th are eligible for the next drawing on July 10th.

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Hi Birdwatchers!

Ruby throat maleIt's almost hummer time! Unless you live in a rural area, most of you haven't been seeing many hummingbirds lately. Remember, this is NORMAL! During May and June, Ruby-throats are busy with their breeding duties - males defending territories and females nesting and feeding young. Neither move around much during this time, so unless you have them nesting close by, you will not see very much action at your feeders. Every year we hear from concerned customers that are worried something has happened to their hummers, since "last year we had tons of them, and this year we have none." Relax! They are right on schedule. We tend to remember the busy activity at the end of last summer.

Right after the Fourth of July, many males are already starting to migrate, and the first batch of young birds are out of the nest and on their own. Your feeder will become much more popular at this time! Most females in the South will start their second brood in July. August and September are always the busiest months, as more youngsters have fledged and more adult males are migrating, so you should be seeing "tons of birds" by then! Fall migration is not a hectic race like it is in the spring. Birds have time to rest, fuel up and enjoy their surroundings before heading to their next stop. Lucky for us, we get to enjoy their crazy antics and dog fights in the late summer.
Save the Date!!!
Hummer hand
Our hummingbird banders, Julia Elliott and Karen Theodorou, have three scheduled public banding events this summer. If you love hummers and want to see them up close and learn more about them, please join us if you can!


The first event is this Saturday, June 30th, from 9 - 11am, at the Sunflower Farm Festival in Rutledge, GA. This is one our favorite events since there is so much to do! Julia and Karen will set up their banding station in Rena Holt's beautiful perennial garden. After the banding, enjoy picking sunflowers, perusing arts and craft booths, listening to live music and enjoying some yummy festival food! Visit 

for directions or more information, or find them on Facebook! 

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