Gorgeous Rug Alert
from Dixon Studio!
Just in case you're in the market
for a worthy and noble altar rug...
This is 100% wool with a high knot count and excellent design fidelity
--which is not your usual residential rug design!


Size is 8'1" x 10'1" and the color palette is primarily gold and ruby red with some muted sage green and slate blue accents.


Truly gorgeous!


This is from the same workshop that produced the rug we provided for the Pope's visit a few years ago.
Papal Rug 
Unfortunately, their production is down and they are no longer going to export this exquisite line to the US so, we are offering 'last call' to our clientele.


If you might be in the market for a quality altar rug, this is a classic ecclesiastical carpet, noble in design and worthy in material.


And because it is being discontinued, we can offer it at a discount below retail --and deliver it by Easter!
Please contact the studio if you have any questions or interest... 

Note the quality of the design detail, at left.

Contact the studio for details on pricing, payments, shipping or delivery:

Dixon Studio


As always, thanks for your interest in our work!
Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with, regarding custom or catalog items for your church.
if your sanctuary is especially large --or your donors especially generous-- ask about the 9' x 12' Papal rug...)
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