Mardi Gras Greetings!
from Dixon Studio
February 21, 2012

Vestments for Now & Then 



You have just enough time to call the studio today and get this gorgeous in-stock violet chasuble delivered via FedEx for Ash Wednesday...


,,, and about another week or two to order your custom Easter chasuble in time for Holy Week delivery.


Order online

or call the studio

about Lenten, Easter or other vestments




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Last Call...


Today is the day for one last drink, dessert, or other indugence. Time to get rid of all temptation and get serious for six weeks. One last chance to enjoy all that life has to offer... and then a chance to offer all we have for eternal life.
It's also last call for any items you want delivered to the church in time for Easter, as most of our catalog items are made as ordered and take an average of 4-6 weeks --with special efforts made to speed things up for special events.
So, call or email today if you're planning on Easter delivery!

Vintage Stations


We have rescued two beautiful sets of Stations of the Cross from closed churches and would love to relocate them during Lent.

Three-dimensional scenes, elegantly detailed in pastel tones. 42" tall x 30" wide x 12-14" deep.

From Daprato Studios c. 1920.

Excellent condition.





StationsMonotoneBas-relief stations in monotone with gilded accents.

Traditional figures, unframed
w/contemporary writing make this set well suited to a large modern church.

38" h x 21" w


If your church could use some gorgeous works at good value,

call or email the studio for more information.

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