IHS Chasuble 

Dixon Studio

now offers vestments
from the finest
European & American 

Not the same old
suppliers in the big
old catalogs...
These are unique and

exquisite creations from
skilled artisans.

See samples of the
new Dixon collection:






a newsletter from Dixon Studio - August 2011

Summer in the Studio

It's been a long, hot summer, with some cool news to pass along...


We have worked on various church beautification projects, involving new windows, old statues, and custom woodwork.  We have transformed a chapel, tweaked a facade, and polished a few halos --on statues, not employees (or clients).


All the while, we have been adding to our catalog offerings and updating our websites.  Check them out now and check back this fall, as we add more items and features!


Or, just contact the studio directly with your current 'wish list' and we will email you some specially selected options.

Priestly Life Catalog Polo

Our catalog for clergy now has over 150 items!


All sorts of prayerful and practical things for
Sunday services or seasonal sabbaticals:

artwork, books, clothing, mass kits, travel guides...


It's professional and personal; it's
Celtic Cross Polo 
And remember: all books are always on sale!
The Studio Blog

Here at Dixon Studio, we're still creating medieval arts for a church that is two thousand years old...

So, we haven't exactly been in a hurry to join every new fad in social networking.

But, a mere dozen years after the term 'blog' was coined, we thought we'd try one on and see if you like our studio stories and other news, notes, and musings.

Click on 'annie's blog' on the studio website, or go to

Art&SoulJournalArt & Soul: the new studio journal


Did you receive your copy of the new studio journal in the mail?
If not, send us your mailing address to receive this free publication.

Each issue will have a feature article by a colleague in the liturgical arts,
along with information on current studio projects,
and inspiration for your building / renovation / beautification project,
as well as book reviews and whatever else looks interesting or helpful.
Next issue will focus on all things Marian...
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