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Celtic Ciborium
This beautiful gold plated ciborium is engraved with a Celtic 'crown of thorns' motif and features a Celtic cross on the lid.
A matching chalice is also available.
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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
StPatStatuePatron Saint of Ireland
With more than 40 million Americans able to trace their ancestry back to an island with a current population just over 4 million, St. Patrick is the patron saint of a proud diaspora.
His image appears in statuary and stained glass in almost every church named for him and in many which are not.
Please contact Dixon Studio if you would like to see options for your church!
at right:
St. Patrick statue
available from Dixon Studio
in a variety of sizes, materials & finishes.
A Clearly Beautiful Solution
CelticKnotDixon Studio etched this Celtic knot design onto clear glass to create a screen between the Blessed Sacrament Chapel and the main worship space at St. Stephen Martyr Catholic Church in Chesapeake, Virginia.
Restoring Old St. Patrick's Church
AmboAs the 150th anniversary of the church approaches, parishioners at old St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Richmond, Virginia are working to restore its original beauty.
Dixon Studio is helping with vintage items including pews, statuary, pedestals, and sanctuary furnishings, as well as some new votives, marble, and stencil work.
at left: vintage Gothic ambo
Watch the progress of this project on the St. Pat Church website
ArtistIrish Import
Ronald Neill Dixon earned his degree in stained glass --with a minor in silversmithing-- in his native Ireland, shortly before moving to the United States, where he has worked with various studios and hundreds of churches. 
See our artist's resume online for more information on his accomplishments and awards.
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   May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.
-- an Irish Blessing.