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We are looking for people to participate in a Landmark Cancer Study sponsored by Kushi Institute 




      Have you recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer or

       Melanoma, or already received conventional treatment?

       Are you interested in a healing approach through diet?  


Kushi Institute (KI) is seeking participants for a clinical pilot study on Caloric Restricted diet, (CR), to affect particular gene expressions in cancer. This study is in conjunction with University of California at Riverside. 


For two weeks participants will reside, at no charge, at Kushi Institute campus in the beautiful Berkshire Hills, in Becket, Massachusetts. While residing at the campus, participants will attend, at no charge, Kushi Institute's core programs, "Way To Heath" and "Way To Health Plus." These educational programs will teach participants the basics of a macrobiotic dietary lifestyle. 


During their two week stay participants will receive, at no charge, an individualized macrobiotic diet plan designed by Kushi Institute counselors. Each plan will be directed toward each participant's specific condition and needs.  


After two weeks, participants will return home to follow the dietary plan designed for them for a six month period. To insure compliance,  Kushi Institute counselors will monitor participants on a weekly basis, check for any adverse reactions, and make recommendations or changes in the plan as needed.  These weekly check-ins assure that each participant will confidently know how to follow their particular diet with counselor's specific recommendations at home.         


At the beginning and at the end of the six month period, blood and urine samples will be collected from participants. In the case of melanoma participants, a biopsy of skin lesions is required as well. The samples are needed  in order for researchers to compare gene expression (RNA) affected by nutritional change. 


Participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Diagnosis of breast cancer, or 
  • Diagnosis of melanoma with residual skin lesions of disease
  • Either received any type of conventional treatment unsuccessfully, or are newly diagnosed and currently untreated
  • Interested in electing nutritional intervention as the only present treatment of their cancer
  • Active with good performance measurements, able to eat, walk, and travel

Participation is voluntary and one may discontinue from the study at anytime. This study does not include medical drugs of any kind.


Participation in this study is FREE! 


         For more information on the study, and to apply to be considered a     participant, please call Olaf Fischer, Executive Director, at 413-623-5741 x 160 or email  olaf@kushiinstitute.org with the subject heading, "CR study."