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Mary Congo
Mary Congo 2
Our Featured Volunteer:
Mary Congo,  Brighton, MA

Mary came to the Kushi Institute's Way to Health Program for a "deeper grasp" of healing with food and healthier habits. Not a 'natural in the kitchen', she claims, she went home more confident of her newly learned cooking techniques. She later packed her bags and returned to "immerse herself" as a volunteer.

Mary told us that the weight "fell off" in her first months. She's down 45 pounds to date, looks great and is able to do more physically than she has in years.

"I'm very grateful for the support of living in a caring community. There's meaning, satisfaction and joy that comes with helping to prepare food that can help heal the people who come here."

Thank you Mary, and all of our volunteers (and staff) without whom we could not continue to help and support those who need us.

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Olaf Fischer                Kushi Store
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Reg. retail price $38.50

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Your kit includes:

2 lbs. Lundberg organic white sushi rice
10 oz. Mitoku sushi vinegar
5 0z. Mitoku organic Johsen shoyu
7 sheets Mitoku Sendai select pre-toasted sushi nori
.88 oz. Mitoku wasabi powder
1 ea. 1.76 oz Mitoku sushi daikon, cucumber and ginger pickles
1 bamboo sushi mat
1 bamboo rice paddle

Olaf Fischer

To order your Sushi Kit call
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pressing the salad
NEW!  Picture Recipe

Refreshing Springtime
Pressed Salad

Pressed salads are a light, crisp, refreshing way to enjoy nutrient-packed vegetables and fruit. Flavors of the different ingredients mingle together through the pressing process creating a uniquely delicious taste. Because the ingredients have not been heated, they maintain a wonderful crunchy texture and the dish has a cooling effect on the body. Give it a zing by adding lemon or vinegar for a perfect springtime dish. But don't limit pressed salad to spring; it's a great dish for all seasons.
Ed Esko
Ed Esko
Welcome Back Ed Esko

We are thrilled that macrobiotic senior teacher and well-known author Edward Esko has rejoined the Kushi Institute faculty, and he shares some words on his recent experiences here.

It feels good to be back teaching at Kushi Institute. I've been on a ten year sabbatical doing independent study and research. Plugging in to the Leadership Program as a cooking teacher has been quite a switch for me, in fact, a revelation.

During the '80s and '90s I gained a reputation as a classroom and auditorium lecturer. My forte was teaching macrobiotic philosophy and healing at the blackboard and not in the kitchen. I also specialized in writing and publishing, including best-selling books with Michio and Aveline Kushi.

Teaching cooking has helped me rediscover the joy of macrobiotic doing and teaching. The kitchen classroom is a laboratory where the principles of yin and yang are put into practice in a very dynamic way, with both teacher and students contributing skills and understanding. Working together has produced great results. In other words, the dishes have turned out well and we have all learned much in the process, both about ourselves and about the endlessly varied world around us.

  butterlfyHelp Us Help Others

"In 2002 I was diagnosed with emphysema and had to quit my job as a welder. Despite treatment, I got worse to the point that I was on oxygen 24 hours a day and could barely walk or take part in a conversation. Someone told me about Kushi Institute's Way to Health program, but since I was out of work I could not afford it. Kushi Institute gave me a full scholarship, and during the program I started to feel improvement. In just a couple of weeks after the program, I did not need the oxygen tank and was walking miles every day. My doctor could not believe the improvement; he had never seen this happen. I got my life back thanks to Kushi Institute."
~John Roberts

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