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 Miso Soup          

 Made quickly and easily with 
 miso paste, this delicious,
 hearty and rich soup is
 brimming with immune
 supporting, digestive aiding

 Manufacturers who use organic ingredients and traditional processing
 methods produce the finest quality miso, and one of these companies,
 South River Miso, is located near Kushi Institute in the Berkshire
 mountains of Western Massachusetts

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 South River Miso Company 

South River Miso Company
Winter Scene
Olaf Fischer
 Founders Christian and Gaella Elwell 
 use the centuries old Japanese 
 Farmhouse "Inaka" traditional
 processing for their line of fine miso.

 Their unique combinations of
 ingredients offer miso flavors not
 available through other miso
 companies, such as Dandelion Leek,
 and Red Pepper Garlic.

 For people who limit soy they even
 offer miso made with chickpeas or
 azuki beans instead of soy.

We are fortunate to be close enough to take Kushi Institute Level students for a visit to South River Miso to see how miso is made. Below Senior teacher and well-known macrobiotic author Edward Esko writes about a recent trip.

Kushi Institute Level Students

Visit South River Miso
by Edward Esko

Ed Esko
Olaf Fischer
In May, a group of students from the Level I Leadership Program and I took a tour of the South River Miso Company located nearby in Conway, Mass. South River has been producing high quality handcrafted organic miso for over twenty years.
Christian Elwell and Level Students

Founder, Christian Elwell guided our group on a tour of the facility. Aside from traditional barley and brown rice miso, Christian introduced the students to several new varieties developed uniquely at South River, including chickpea and azuki bean. He explained the process of making miso from beginning to end, and how miso is a living food and an essential part of a healthful diet.

Growing Rice in Massachusetts!
A high point of the tour was when Christian told the group about his success in growing rice on the property.
Beginning with rice seeds from Ukraine, Christian has succeeded in planting and harvesting a small plot of organic rice. I had the opportunity to taste the South River rice on a previous visit and can vouch for the fact that it was quite delicious.
Rice sprouts
Christian explained how the rice paddy is a complete
eco-system, home to a myriad of life forms, from dragon flies to tiny frogs. Everyone was inspired by the creativity, commitment to the health of our planet, and harmony with nature exemplified by South River Miso.


Comments from Level students:

"A truly inspiring place. You can feel and smell the energy of honest, hard working and free spirited individuals who believe in what they are doing and in the importance
of good quality healthy food for the evolution of mankind. The care and precision in which the Miso is made in South River Miso resembles the meditative practices of Buddhist monks, creating food for the sake of the community and also for their own liberation. Definitely a model we can take back to our home countries and apply, not only with Miso, but with other, long forgotten traditional ways of processing our food. Thank you for the opportunity to visit."
Daniel Davis

"South River Miso is a food manufacturing business based around love and compassion for quality ingredients and sending that out via the wonderful products. Thank you Chris and Gaella."

Edwin Miller

"Stepping into the miso factory took me back to my childhood. My grandfather had a miso shop and as a child I would play among the giant barrels of aging miso. There are very few family-style miso shops left today, even in Japan. Thanks fo the wonderful feelings of nostalgia and for letting me know the time-honored tradition of miso-making is alive and well in America."

Hironori Maeta


Click here to view or purchase miso from Japan and U.S. through Kushi Store

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