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Successful Conference Year
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Successful Conference Year
     The goals of every state coaches' association is to expand educational opportunities for their coaches. Education and professional development is a priority. Offering quality educational experiences for coaches ensures the continued safety of the cheerleading programs within the state. The NCSSE is proud to have been involved in a variety of state and national conferences. We covered the west coast with classes at the WA state conference, the OR state conference, and the GSSA conference in CA. Classes were held at the PA state conference, the NJ Safety in September weekend, the IL state conference, and the GA state conference. National conferences that hosted NCSSE classes were CheerCon in NC, the United Cheer Expo in MD, AmeriCheer's Spirit Treat in OH, and UPA's conference in MN. We worked with an energetic group of coaches from all types of squads. The evaluations were outstanding as coaches mentioned the depth of information given and the interaction between instructors and attendees.
   If NCSSE classes were not held at your state conference, contact the conference organizers to let them know you want to take an NCSSE class while attending the conference.
New Cheer Coach at Kansas State U
Dani Ruoff, the new NCSSE director for Kansas, is the new Cheer Coach for Kansas State University. The following is are portions of an article reprinted from the Kansas State Collegian Online, October 8
( You can read the complete article there. We congratulate Dani on her new position.
     "Dannielle Ruoff spent most of her time on the sidelines cheering her team to victories in both junior high and high school. Her athletic talent paid off in college as she cheered on Montana State University-Bozeman and joined an all-star team that traveled through California and Hawaii for competitions. This is when Ruoff said cheerleading became serious for her, eventually leading her on a coaching path that started at her alma mater, then to Montana State University-Billings and now K-State.
    As of Aug. 1, Ruoff is the new personality behind the K-State spirit squad, and her recent arrival was still evident by the unpacked boxes that clogged her renovated office more than a month after her arrival. Ruoff said accepting the role as head cheerleading coach this fall was a pivotal moment in her athletic career. "The Big 12 is an appetizing division to enter," Ruoff said. "Plus my favorite color is purple."
    Many in the K-State Athletics Department have been pleased with the decision to add Ruoff as cheerleading coach. "Hiring her was easy - she had good expertise, great organization and can work well with all entities she is given," said Laura Tietjen, senior woman administrator and associate athletics director.
    Ruoff's new position allows her to integrate positive changes into the structure and function of the squad.  Besides supplying new uniforms and integrating new stunts this season, she has brought a more professional attitude to her squad. Ruoff said she views her squad as a positive marketing tool for the athletics department and predicts a successful campaign with the Manhattan community in regards to displaying positive role models for the university. Ruoff said another goal for the new coach is to develop a deep, positive relationship with her squad and prove herself as an effective mentor to the fellow squad members." 
New NCSSE Sponsor--CoreAthletics
The NCSSE welcomes a new sponsor--Core Athletics. Many of you are probably familiar with one or all of Core Athletics' products. The owner and founder, Todd Kopp has been involved in cheering for 14 years,  ever since his middle daughter, Valen first took up the sport in middle school.  But it was his youngest daughter, Kelsie that inspired him to get involved in the cheer industry.  "I was coming home to find her perched on the arm of the couch, trying to do a heel stretch.  I was always worried about her falling---not to mention breaking the couch---and figured there had to be a better way for her to practice.  So I went down to my workshop and started tinkering, and that's how I came up with the protoype of the MaeFlyer. A few weeks after Kelsie began practicing with the MaeFlyer, her coach came up to me--Kelsie's balance and leg strength had improved so much she was sticking all her stunts.  She wanted to know what our secret was.  So I told her about the MaeFlyer.  The coach ordered a bunch for her squad.  I took a few samples to our next competition, and by the end of the weekend had received dozens of orders.  That's how CoreAthletics got its start. That was 5 years ago.  Since then, we've continued to develop new, innovative, easy to use products, like the Defrogger, the Stunt Strap, and our Handspring Trainer.  Our products help coaches train better.  But what we're proudest of is that they help young athletes train safely." 
SITA Awards
SITA Awards LogoCongratulations to the NCSSE recipients of the 2008 Spirit Industry Awards! It's the Academy Awards of the Spirit Industry! From "Best Spirit Apparel Catalog/Brochure Design" to "Best New Product or Service," from"Best Lighting, Sound and Set Design" to "Best Philanthropic Initiative" and many more, peers are recognizing peers for raising the standards of excellence, professionalism and innovation in all areas of the Spirit Industry.  The 2008 Spirit Industry Awards were presented at an exciting gala at the InterContiental Hotel in Chicago, IL  on Tuesday, October 7, 2008. 
2008 Competition and Camp Company Awards Recipients
Best Printed Promotional Piece--UPA--Americup 08 Event Program
Best Ad--COA Cheer and Dance--Monopoly Gameboard Ad

Leadership Award--Margie Willis--COA

2008 Affiliate Company Awards Recipients

Best Website--Nfinity

Best New Product--Core Athletics--Back Hand Spring Machine

Best New Service--Nfinity--Nfinity Nation

Best Ad--Pyra--"Stunt Doubles"

Leadership Award--Debbie Bracewell--NCSSE

2008 Merit Award Recipients

Best Coaches Conference--National Coaches Conference--CheerCon 25th Anniversary

Best Philanthropic Initiative--COA Cheer and Dance--CHEERforLIFE/DANCEforLIFE Ronald McDonald House

Spirit Industry Collaboration Award--The Australian Project--Nfinity Shoes, Core Athletics, AdPro, Pom Express, Rockwood Jewelry, Power Pows
The JAM Rewards--JAMfest, COA, America's Best, GSSA, Great Lakes, Coastal Corporation, Spirit Innovations, Power Consulting, Spirit Ready Sportswear, Aloha Spirit