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Competition Sportsmanship
Going Through the Motions
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Southwestern Cheer Assoc.

Welcome the newest company member of the NCSSE--Southwestern Cheerleaders Association. SCA was established in 1985 by Nadine Bryant Romero. McNeese State University, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, hosted the first SCA camp. SCA has earned an impeccable reputation in the cheerleading industry for the consistent and high standard of performance applied to every camp and championship. The NCSSE is proud to have SCA as a partner in cheer safety education.

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Competition Sportsmanship
As we begin another competition season, let's take a few minutes to remind our cheerleaders and parents about their competition sportsmanship behaviors. Cheerleading is an activity that originally began as a support group and promoted good sportsmanship.  At a recent competition I attended, the audience was asked to remain seated when squads were performing, and competition staff were standing at the back of the aisles to keep people from entering while performances were ongoing.  Parents refused to stop; adults stood in the aisles talking on cell phones; adults moved in and out oblivious to the fact they were blocking the audience's views of the performing groups. One parent, when asked to stay back, angrily refused to stop, stomped her way down ten rows of seats, sidled in to the middle of the row and began to complain to her seatmates, gesturing back to the competition staff. Another adult kicked at a cheerleader sitting on the floor of the lobby and directed an expletive at the cheerleader when she did not move out of the way quickly enough.
What has happened to common sense and treating others as we would like to be treated? Education is a key point when dealing with parents and cheerleaders alike. Do not assume people will behave as you expect them to. During parent meetings, give clear expectations of what you expect from parents and cheerleaders as it relates to behavior at competitions. Reading and distributing to parents and cheerleaders the event guidelines for dealing with unsportsmanlike conduct is also important. Coaches, teach parents and cheerleaders (and yourself if necessary!) how to win graciously and how to accept second, third, or fourteenth place. Shaking hands and congratulating winners is done in all sports--yet we don't often see cheerleaders do this.
Let's all work to bring sportsmanship back to cheerleading--parents, competitors, and coaches.
Going Through the Motions

I recently heard a television reporter saying football coaches were tired of their players just going through the motions. That comment made me think of recent cheerleading competitions I have attended. I wish the cheerleaders had gone through the motions!
Are good, crisp cheerleading motions becoming extinct? I see pictures of cheerleaders in newspapers with bent wrists and fly-away arms. I hear cheer competition judges bemoan the lack of motion technique. While coaches spend much time devising spectacular pyramids and clever stunts, they often forget the one basic that garners the most attention-motions. Closed fists are fast becoming a thing of the past, and bent wrists are quickly becoming the norm. Cheerleaders should spend a part of every practice on improving motion technique. Sideline cheers and chants should have precise motion technique just as competition routines should.
Now is the time to work on improving motions.  Coaches, remember the four "P's" of motion technique:  placement, progression, pathway, precision. Spend as much time and creativity on motions as you do on stunts and pyramids. Unique and exact motions appeal to football, basketball and competition spectators. Leave your crowds wanting more!

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