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National Safety Month
PYRA Apparel
New Dance Manuals
Free Class
Call now to schedule your 2008 NCSSE classes. Hosting classes at your gym, school or recreation center pays great rewards--if 10 or more coaches attend your class, your class is free! If you schedule all four classes and ten or more coaches attend each class, your four NCSSE classes are free.
This is a great opportunity to market your new gym, showcase your college cheer program, or demonstrate your school system's committment to cheerleading safety.
Call the office (866.456.2773) today to arrange scheduling.
Nfinity Discount Coupon
Participate in an NCSSE class and receive a $200 certificate good towards the purchase of 20 pairs of the new Panther sideline shoe. The offer expires 12/31/2008.
June is National Safety Month
June is National Safety Month--what can we do to mark this event:
1.  Review emergency plans and revise where needed.
2.  Have regular fire/emergency drills. Make sure everyone knows what to do and where to go.
3.  Check all equipment for maintenance issues. Repair or replace.
4.  If you live in an area known for dangerous storms, purchase a weather radio and keep it tuned to the correct channel for your area.
5.   Contact the Red Cross for group training for your coaches and cheerleaders.
Welcome Pyra Apparel
NCSSE welcomes Pyra Apparel as its newest sponsor. Pyra, the only high performance cheer apparel on the market, focuses directly on the needs of today's cheerleaders. Grip and Shock technology provides protection and comfort while building confidence and creating a unique, yet stylish appearance. PYRA apparel is committed to the devoted athlete whose passion is the sport of cheerleading. Check their website for all the details on their Grip and Shock
DANCE Courses for Coaches
   NCSSE is pleased to announce two new courses for DANCE and CHEER coaches--Dance Coaching Principles & Ethics and Program Management and Dance Fundamentals. Both courses are written specifically for dance coaches; however the Dance Fundamentals course will be useful for cheer coaches needing to update their knowledge of dance. The Dance Fundamentals course includes instruction on basic counting of music, terminology, foot, hand and arm placements, step by step guides to correct spotting and balance drills for turns, and drills for better pirouette turns. Included is an in-depth dance glossary packed with terminology related to basic, intermediate and advanced dance steps, positions, leaps, turns, jumps, walks and variations.  This course contains program management sections covering methods and practices that can lead to a successful dance program. 
    These two courses will be a great addition to the NCSSE repertoire of safety classes. AmeriCheer will pilot the Dance Fundamentals course at their Spirit Expo August 9-10 at Otterbein College in Westerville, OH.
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