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Top Five Risk Management Tips
Make Summer Count
Review, Reflect, Revise
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Call now to schedule your 2008 NCSSE classes. Hosting classes at your gym, school or recreation center pays great rewards--if 10 or more coaches attend your class, your class is free! If you schedule all four classes and ten or more coaches attend each class, your four NCSSE classes are free.
This is a great opportunity to market your new gym, showcase your college cheer program, or demonstrate your school system's committment to cheerleading safety.
Call the office (866.456.2773) today to arrange scheduling.
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Participate in an NCSSE class and receive a $200 certificate good towards the purchase of 20 pairs of the new Panther sideline shoe. The offer expires 12/31/2008.
Top Five Risk Management Tips
1.  Take all available safety certification programs. Do not be satisfied with one or two classes--take everything you can. Did you know the Red Cross has a Sport Safety Training class?
2.  Have an emergency plan for every place you cheer, practice, attend camp, compete, etc. Know the address of the facility, the room(s) you are in, and how to safely exit the facility. This should be shared with your staff, parents, and cheerleaders.
3.  SAM--Safety Always Matters. Post this motto prominently so coaches and cheerleaders are constantly reminded to be safe. For templates and logos to use in your program, click here.
4.  Design waivers that fully inform and educate parents and cheerleaders about the risks involved in cheering. Check with your school or gym attorney for help.
5.  Develop a child abuse policy for your facility or squad that defines abuse and gives the consequences for participating in such abuse.
Make Summer Count
1.  Make a DVD of all your school sideline chants, cheers, standard dances, etc. (Include a printout of the words). Give each member of the new squad the DVD and tell them the material must be learned by your first practice of the summer.
2.  Write out tentative practice plans for the first three months of practice. When practice begins, note any changes and keep the plans on file.
3.  Plan for keeping practices fun. Keep a file on ways to change your practices so they aren't always the same old format.
4.  Contact the local American Red Cross and renew your CPR and first aid certificates. Participate in other classes they offer.
5.  Do something for you--join a Yoga class, have a day at the spa, call those friends you may have neglected during your cheer season, or read a new book.
Review, Reflect, Revise
What a wonderful opportunity we have now--new squads, new cheer year to plan. Three steps of preplanning can make 2008-2009 the best year yet: 
1.  Review the major elements of this last year. Use notes/notebooks you kept that describe the event. Ask your squad and/or coaching staff for their input. Include your personal coaching style and philosophies in your reviewing process.
2.  Reflect on what worked and what didn't. Think about all the variables that may have affected the success or lack of success you experienced.
3.  Revise your plans for next year. If you are using outdated forms and/or methods of communication--revise. Make changes that will be reflected in the outcomes you expect from your squad, your coaching staff and yourself.
This is an excellent opportunity to incorporate all the great ideas you learned from conferences and workshops. Having a great cheer year is no accident--thoughtful planning is needed to get you where you and your squad want to be.