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June 13, 2012  

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Enrollment fee increase
Financial Aid
Financial Aid
Student government
Study Abroad
California State regulation
Got E-Waste?
Dell student promotion
Commons update
New certificates/degrees

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Important admission and registration dates
June 18
June 18
June 18 - July 26
July 4
July 9
July 26
July 26
August 17
Six-week summer session begins. (June 18 - July 26)
Late enrollment - space available basis
AA/AS degree or certificate filing period begins
Holiday - Independence Day - college closed
Three-week summer session begins (July 9 - July 26)
Deadline to file AA/AS degree or certificate
Last day of summer session
First day of instruction for fall semester

InSite portal and InSite mail 

Critical deadlines and essential class information
ONLY available through the InSite portal and InSite mail.
Spring break Effective summer 2012: 
Enrollment fee will be $46 per unit.
If the fee increase is a significant hardship, the Financial Aid Office is here to help you. You may be surprised at the help that is available to you.
Visit: www.dvc.edu/payforcollege
DVC financial aid Financial Aid 2012-13 processing
2012-13 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 

Due to extenuating technical issues, the processing of 2012-13 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be delayed. The Financial Aid Office is working diligently to resolve these issues. Please continue to check your DVC InSitePortal email and www.dvc.edu/financialaid for processing updates. 

DVC financial aid The new 2012-13 DVC catalog is here!

Carry it in your smart phone or download it to your computer as a complete pdf or in sections; view it as a colorful, interactive flip book; or purchase the paperback book at the DVC Book Center.




Student Union Get Involved!

Get involved with student government and make a difference on campus!  See the DVC Events Calendar for information session dates and other deadlines beginning in August.  Visit www.asdvc.org for more information about the Associated Students of DVC.

DVC financial aid Study Abroad in Florence!
Florence: Spring 2013 January 26 - April 26 
Next meeting: Wednesday, June 27, 1 - 2 p.m., 
MA (Math) 109.  For more information, contact the Study  Abroad Office located in FO-219, by email, [email protected]

or call 925-685-1230 ext. 2735. 

California State regulations have changed regarding the ability to repeat non-repeatable credit courses.

If you are thinking of dropping or withdrawing from a class that you have already unsuccessfully attempted in a prior semester, please read this first! 

E-Waste Recycling Event Got E-Waste?
E-Waste Recycling EventOnly for Students
Buy a Dell - get a $200 eGift card.*
Student only offer: Buy select Windows� 7-based PCs, get a $200 promo eGift Card.* to use towards an Xbox� 360 4GB or thousands of other campus essentials at Dell.com. 
Commons Project Updates Please watch for large vehicles on construction access road.
Get information on construction impacts and learn more about the project at www.dvc.edu/CommonsUpdates

4cd Alert
Campus Alert System
Your attention please... 

A loud siren will be heard throughout the DVC campuses the first Wednesday of every month at 11 a.m.  This will be a test of our Campus Alert System. There is nothing you need to do during a siren test. 

In the event of an actual emergency or crisis situation, the siren sound will continue for three minutes. Students and all campus personnel will be instructed to Shelter, Shut, and Listen.

For more details, please visit the Contra Costa Community College District website at  www.4cd.edu/alert.

Stay informed during an emergency! Sign up for emergency alerts
The InquirerThe Inquirer, DVC's award-winning student newspaper is online!
Check us out in print or online at www.theinquireronline.com
Contra Costa Community College District Police Department Police Services silent witness tip line
Students, faculty and staff can call 925-685-1230, ext. 1999 to provide information without having to leave any personal information.

For more information in case of emergency:
Contra Costa Community College District Police Services

Police Services on the Pleasant Hill campus is located in the northwest corner of Lot 1. If you are having trouble locating us, please contact our office, at 925-685-1230, ext. 2338, 2339 or 925-686-5547 and we can have a police aide escort you there.

Police Services on the San Ramon campus is located in W-102. Please contact our office, at 925-866-1822, ext. 5120.
alerts Stay informed during an emergency!
Sign up to receive emergency email and/or text message alerts from DVC. These alerts will only be sent in the case of an actual emergency when the safety of our students and staff is at risk, or when we have to close campus for any reason. (At times, you may also receive a message as a test, at the same time that the monthly siren test is run. You will be notified that this is a test.) Please sign up at the following link:

Please create a new account, and fill out your contact information. To receive text messages, please click on the "Mobile device" tab behind the default "Email" tab.

Safety reminder

If you are faced with a potentially violent or dangerous situation on campus ...


First move to a safe location and then immediately contact Campus Police at: ext. 2333 from a campus phone, or 925-680-7000 from your cell phone. (Calling 911 from a cell phone will result in an unnecessary delay.)

Our Campus Police are highly trained to deal with a wide variety of situations involving students and visitors on campus.
Our mission statement
Diablo Valley College (DVC) is passionately committed to student learning through the intellectual, scientific, artistic, psychological, and ethical development of its diverse student body. DVC prepares students for transfer to four-year universities; provides career and technical education; supports the economic development of the region; offers pre-collegiate programs; and promotes personal growth and lifelong learning. Complete mission statement