Warning:  I am about to describe powerful new research that came out this week in the New England Journal about staying thin and healthy.  If you are my patient, then you're already doing this.  If you are not my patient, then don't try this without talking to your physician or to me or you could kill yourself.

In July, 2005 in Dimona, Israel, 322 people began a research project that has very important consequences for you and your family if anyone suffers with obesity or with diabetes or with high cholesterol.

This group of people worked at a research center where the diet could be carefully controlled.  They agreed to go onto one of three diets:

1.    Low fat; Restricted Calorie
2.    Mediterranean; Restricted Calorie
3.    Low-Carbohydrate: NON-Restricted Calorie

Notice that the Low-Carb people got to eat as much as they wanted while the Low Fat and Mediterranean people could not (they had to count calories instead of eat as much as they wanted).

So here are some of the results (published in the New England Journal this Week: July 17, 2008, volume 359, No3):

The people on the low-carbohydrate diet were allowed unlimited amounts of food but limited carbohydrates.  They consumed the most cholesterol and the least amount of fiber.  They got to eat as much as they want.  But, this group had the most impressive drop in triglycerides and raise in HDL cholesterol (20% improvement compared with only 12% improvement in the low-fat group).  Also, in those with diabetes, ONLY the low-carbohydrate group had a significant reduction in Hemaglobin A1c.

This is the first time that the these three types of weight loss diets have been compared in a study this long. 

I'm very grateful to hear that someone FINALLY took a look at a real comparison of these diets.  Hopefully this will put an end to the idea that eating cholesterol raises cholesterol.  But, I doubt it.

This is the main thing I wanted you to know:   overwhelming research is showing that sugar is the poison that raises cholesterol, increases inflammation, and causes heart attack and stroke.  You CAN lower your cholesterol while eating lots of cholesterol Fiber is important-you should eat it.  But, low fat usually means high carb (you have to eat something) and carbs kill.

If you do not have diabetes or have a loved one with diabetes, then you can stop reading here. If you are not 50 pounds or more overweight then you can stop reading here.  But, if you or one of your loved ones suffer in this way, then keep reading:

I was appalled to hear a recent lecture by a "Senior Consultant in diabetes and Endocrinology" from a major university in California say, "Diet and exercise is unable to solve the problem of obesity.   Gastric bypass surgery is the only realistic way to lose 50 pounds."  What?!!   Gastric bypass the only way?  Maybe in this country.  Maybe in some people. But not in Isarel where this study recent article was done.

Gastric bypass has NEVER been compared head to head with aggressive medical therapy.  In one study, not one  person who suffered through gastric bypass surgery maintained the weight they lost when reexamined at 5.  There is a 50% increase in suicide rate with the surgery.  And a 1% mortality rate is accepted (as in 1 in 100 who check into the hospital for the surgery don't go home at all).

But, if your medical therapy is advice to consume a"low-fat" to walk 20 minutes 3 times a week, then perhaps you do stand a better chance with an operation because in my opinion, you're not getting the best of medical advice.

And, I have not even begun to talk about how hormones (estrogen least of all )  can be manipulated to improve blood sugar.  Much research now proves how testosterone and thyroid and growth hormone can be manipulated to improve blood sugars. 

I'm finally unable to keep quiet any longer.  Let me give you one example of what happens in my office by telling you what happened with one of my patients:

Misti came to my office over a year ago (before and after photos on my website for those who reply to this email).  She lost 98 pounds, came off all of her diabetes medication within the first two months and has normal hemoglobin A1c's still after a year of treatment.  She also got pregnant (as some people will do after losing weight) and has kept normal blood sugars so far even while pregnant.

Keep in mind that a recent New England Journal Article spoke of attempting to make hemoglobin A1c's normal with aggressive use of insulin and diabetes drugs and there was an INCREASED risk of death in the group that was treated with the best of blood sugar control by the "best" diabetes doctors in the country.
The editorial in the same issue of the Journal stated that perhaps lifestyle changes should be tried more aggressively.

There's two big problems with more aggressive lifestyle changes:

1.    Your physician may not know how to advise you on lifestyle to the degree that will allow you to see normal blood sugars without your medication.
2.    To decrease food you must simultaneously decrease medications (or else you get low blood sugar).  To do this takes and enormous amount of attention (that means much time) by your physician and she just doesn't have the time. 

Several years ago, a New England Journal article showed that the average primary care physician in the U.S. breaks even after finishing with the 21st patient.  At 15 minutes per patient, that means the physician starting at 9 am would break even after soon after 2:15 (that's with no break for lunch).  Is it a mystery why your physician cannot advise you about how to improve your lifestyle to have a better blood sugar?

For the past 8 years, I've been getting diabetics off their medication.  My diabetic patients usually cut their medication in half the first day and are off their medication at 6 months or I don't keep their money.  To do this, I am selective about who I accept as a patient.

If you are more than 50 pounds over weight or if you suffer with diabetes type 2, answer this email with diabetes in the subject line and I will send you more information about my program.

I'm the only diabetes doctor I know who will get you off your medication completely and with normal hemoglobin A1c's (less than 6.0) or I will not keep a dime of your money.  You get to eat as much as you want (I did not say anything you want).  You do NOT have to go low carb.  But, I do not accept everyone as a patient.  The truth is that I can't help everyone with diabetes.  For example, you must be physically able to walk. I do not mean very fast.  You can go at any speed and I've helped some people who started off on a walker. But you must be able to walk and you must agree to walk daily.

There are a few other qualifications and I'm sure that you want to know more about the cost and about what I have planned for you to cut your medicines in half the first day and help you have normal blood sugars with no diabetes medication in less than 6 months.  Just drop me an email at and put diabetes in the subject line and I'll know what to do.  You should receive an email within 24 hours explaining the program.

Peace & Health,

Charles Runels, MD

Please forward this email to anyone you know with more than 50 pounds to lose or who has type 2 diabets (you could help save their life).

I don't normally send two emails within the same week, but this week's New England Journal was so important (aren't we all wondering about what to eat?) that i thought i would risk two in the same week.