Dr. Runels
Thank you for letting me take care of you at the Mane Attraction BOTOX party.
I hope you like the results of the BOTOX injections. 
If an area that I treated does not look perfect to you, then you can come by the office and I will touch up the area for free (we offer same-day appointments for BOTOX).
I enjoy improving my injection skills by seeing the results of my work.  Even if you like what you see, I will reward you for making the trip to my office (so that I might see your results while still fresh), by giving you a free month's supply of my anti-oxidant vitamins and a free sample of Prevage.  

Also, there's a coupon for 25% off of Obagi products included at the bottom of this note.   You and anyone to whom you might forward this note can use this coupon.  I want you to know where I am so that you do not hesitate to stop in for your future BOTOX or Juvederm (office is just down from Chucky Cheese's one block off of Airport Boulevard).  Or, you can just wait and hopefully we will be back at the Mane Attraciton in a few months.
Several people asked me about using Juvederm to make the mouth look younger.  Click here to see photographs and read tips about how the mouth can be made younger and sexier.
 Peace & Health,
P.S.  If anyone comes to my office for cosmetic work of any kind, I ALWAYS ask who referred them.  Any referral of a new patient gets you $50 off your next BOTOX treatment (we keep a record in your chart of who you referred).    This is unlimited.  For example, if you send 4 people, then you get $200 off your next treatment!
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