2000 years ago, when John wrote a letter to his friend, Gaius, he told him a couple of things that give important clues to health.

Here' what he said (my interpretation of verses 1-3)":

"Hello Gaius.  It's me John.  I truly love you."

"Above every thing, I wish and pray that you would enjoy prosperity and excellent health, just as you enjoy a healthy spiritual life."

"I really became very happy when our mutual friends told me that you live by the truth you know.  That is why I think you will see health and prosperity just as you now enjoy spiritual health."

So what's the health strategy of the day (what can you actually do)?  Do what you know you should do today.  Live the truth you know today.  Don't worry that you may know something different, or something more tomorrow.  Just do your best to live what you know to be true--today.

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The Purpose of These Daily Strategies

__ 3 John

__ Walk 3 miles: actual miles _____

__ 5 fruits or vegetables: actual _____

__ Virtue: Tranquility:  be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.

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