June 4

Week 23                  Health Principle: Wisdom

Looking for a way to find health and long life?

When GOD asked Solomon what he wanted [II Chronicles 1:10], Solomon asked for wisdom.  Then GOD said to Solomon, "Since you didn't ask for riches or the life of your enemies or for long life, I will give you wisdom but will also give you the good things you didn't ask for (paraphrased by me from II Chronicles 1:11-12)."

Most would agree that wisdom might be a first step to riches and honor.  Perhaps wisdom is also a first step to long life and superior health.

The healthy people I have known usually make an effort to study health.  Sure there are those who seem to have long life and ignore all the rules.  But, those do not find the vitality that I usually see in the person who applies wisdom to health.

Just yesterday, I joined a new gym (I have 5 gym memberships now) and was trading notes with the owner about the best way to do a sit-up.  He is 51 years old; I am 48.  We have both been doing sit ups off and on for about 35 years.  A simple thing perhaps.  But the sit up when done properly gives a strong core and protects the back.  When done improperly, the exercise can cause back injury.  We discussed three different mechanical devices promoted to improve the sit up and had a friendly disagreement about which works best. 

Discussions like this are common among those who study health.  Those who enjoy prolonged life and superior health look for wisdom in the area of caring for the body-temple.

Today's strategy:  Subscribe to one health magazine and read it.  Make a point to study these daily strategies.  When you have questions about health, ask more than one person who proves with their own body that they may actually know the answer.

            __II Chronicles 1-5

            __Walk 3 miles: actual miles walked ________________

            __Eat 5 fruits or vegetables

            __ VirtueCleanliness:  Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, cloaths, or habitation.

  Part of loving yourself is to practice the 1,3, 5 Plan.

Dr. Runels
Charles Runels, MD

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