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 Botox and Beautiful Lips
 Is Your Botox Killing You? 
Recently press reports of several deaths related to BOTOX prompted me to make sure that you know that in every case, the deaths in people using BOTOX have been in people getting HUGE doses for something unrelated to cosmetic use.  For example, children with cerebral palsy are sometimes given doses of BOTOX that are hundreds of times more than are used cosmetically (to relax large muscles like legs and arms--not the tiny muscles of the face.
The FDA confirmed in a teleconference that none of the adverse events that are the subject of its review relate to a death involving the use of BOTOX Cosmetic for an aesthetic use. The FDA's conclusion is consistent with Allergan's safety analysis.  "Since its approval, over a million people have been treated with BOTOX Cosmetic.  In its entire history, there has never been a single reported death where a causal link to BOTOX Cosmetic was established," according to Dr. Sef Kurstjens, Allergan's Chief Medical Officer
In short, no person ever died from BOTOX for the face for cosmetic purposes (out of over a million people treated). {By the way, the people who died from BOTOX injections were receiving "off-label" use of BOTOX.  No one has ever died from "off-label" use of human growth hormone} 
If you wish to read the details of the risks of BOTOX in relation to the reported deaths, here's an official statement by Allergan.
Dr. Runels  Thought you might want to see this mouth.  Very interesting and beautiful I thought (spotted on the plane as I was headed to Orlando).  Notice, in this unaugmented mouth (I asked), how full and distinct are the vermillion borders and how prominent is her cupid's bow.  You can see the slight up-turn of the edge of the mouth.  This is her natural mouth, but we can pull it off in the office with several small injections of BOTOX around the edge of the mouth.  This is one of the most economical yet dramatic treatments that I do (usually takes only 5 to 7 units or about $60).
My 91-Year Old Girl Friend--I Promise She is Not a Professional Wrestler

She's 91 years old, the only white woman who goes to her all African-American church, mother, grand-mother, great-grand mother (who out-lived two husbands).  She's drilled for oil, lived in Mexico, started a school, let her favorite rooster sleep in the kitchen at night, collects beautiful art, makes tea for me, makes me laugh, and I love her. 

The FDA thinks I'm trying to make her into a professional wrestler and had made it difficult for me to keep her out of the nursing home.    Please let me explain. 

This beautiful woman lives very close to me.  I won't tell her name in case there might be some parasite that wants to take advantage of an older woman.  But, she has given me permission to tell her story and even use her name.  I'll call her "Treasure" instead.

 A year or two ago, her neighbor asked her, "Who is that long-haired creep who comes your house?"

 I usually give the long truthful version (Which is that many of my heroes had long hair:  Spiritual: Christ; Physical: Tarzan; Writer, inventor, patriot who risked life for country: Benjamin Franklin; Artist, inventor, thinker-Leonardo da Vinci.  My hair helps me identify with my heroes).  But, the question was asked of Treasure with some disdain, so off the cuff, she replied, "That is my doctor, he has a friend who is dying with cancer and losing hair from chemotherapy, so he's growing the hair for "Locks of Love" to give to his friend."

I tell you this story just so you will see how quick witted and fun and beautiful she is.  Did I tell you that I love her?

Anyway, back to the FDA worrying that I'm turning her into a professional wrestler...

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The FDA Held a Gun to His Head
 DrForsytheDrRunelsAnd I Met Him Today
It's April25th.  The pool and grouds here at the Gaylord Palms Resort tempt me to leave the room, but I cannot go outside until I tell this doctor's story (I met him today at a conference):
In February of 2005, Dr. James Forsythe, MD was sitting in his kitchen having breakfast with his wife when he saw a fleet of cars pull into his yard and men and women empty out of those cars armed with guns and a battering ram.  The front of their SWAT gear had the initials of FBI and FDA. 
Dr. Forsythe opened the door before they knocked and it down and said, "Is this a joke."
The FBI agent answered, "This is not a joke."  And it wasn't.
Dr. Forsythe was made to get down on his knees and an gun was held to his head.  Another agent thrust a gun to his wife's chest and she was escorted to another part of the house.
They searched his home for 7 hours (including measuring inside and outside walls to make sure there was no secret hiding places).  Simultaneously, they were searching and questioning the staff at his office and taking charts away.  The agents took over the office, sent the patients home, and even on one occasion answered the phone, "Taco Bell."
So, what was his offense?
I walked down the street to ask a sex question
A few months ago, I walked down the street to ask a dear friend a question about sex. Having talked in depth with several thousand women patients about the problems and victories in the bedroom and having published the best-selling sex manual on, you might wonder why I would see this particular woman.
But, this is not just any friend.  Amazing woman, she  she co-produced the first non-medical massage manual ever published in the USA
The Massage Book: 25th Anniversary Edition
by George Downing by Random House
Paperback ~ Release Date: 1998-12-01
List Price: $18.95
Our Price: $11.30
Buy Now
She was lecturing about sexuality around the world (her books are in 6 different languages) when I was finishing high school and first starting to formulate my ideas about sex.  She has continued to publish and lecture over the past 30 years, including the title Romantic Massage.
Romantic Massage
by Anne K. Rush by Harper Perennial
Paperback ~ Release Date: 1991-02-01
List Price: $14.00
Our Price: $1.60
Buy Now

I do not think it chance that somehow this woman came from California and landed in a beautiful cottage hidden in her magic garden only three blocks from my home.  Her name is Anne Kent Rush.

I sometimes go there for tea in her garden and we talk of health, and air, and her travels to the far east, and the people we have loved.  Sometimes she will use her knowledge of pressure points and energy flow to touch some magical place on my ankle or hand and the one touch is better than an hour of massage.

So, when I decided to get help with a sex question, I just didn't ramble to any girl-next-door. 

So here's the question that I asked Ms. Rush (and the question that I am frequently asked): 

Establish Your Health Foundation
I can remember going to the health food store as a teenage and buying 250mg tablets of viatmin C. This was in about 1974 and people thought I was crazy.  I thought Linus Pauling was right.  I still do.
If you think you're just making expensive urine when you take extra vitamin C, here's a couple of thoughts: 
1.  You don't say you're making expensive water when you throw the mop water out after cleaning house.  The point is that the anti-oxidants are excreted; that's the point, they take the free-radicals that cause cancer with them.  So the expensive urine is the mop water where the free radicals have been mopped up and excreted (instead of causing cancer).
2.  Vitamin C is cheap.
But what other anti-oxidants should be taken and at what doses?
My recommendation is that you take the following (check with your doctor first):
Vitamin C 3000mg
Vitamin E 400 IU
B12       2,500 mcg
Notice I do not list vitamin A.  Too many studies show a detrimental effect.  And, I have seen too many patients with headaches and skin problems. 
Too much vitamin A is the main reason I don't usually take a multivitamin.  Also, a multivitamin has a great number of ingredients but usually not enought of the main anti-oxidants--the main reason for taking vitamins for most people in my opinion.
This is my morning anti-oxidant routine.  It usually works out to be 3 vitamin C tablets, one vitamin E, a sublingual B12, and a B-complex.
(6 pills total from 4 different bottles).
If you follow this routine, always take the vitamins at the beginning of breakfast so the food washes it down and you do not get acid reflux from the Vitamin C.
I recently put all these vitamins into one packet...vitamins
I got tired of making multiple trips to the store when I would run out of one or more of my anti-oxidants (which I consider one of the basic things I do to prevent cancer).  So, I had a reputable, US manufacturer make up cannisters of 30 packets (each with all 6 tablets).  I'm offering a cannister of thirty packets for $29.95.  I'm calling the cannisters "Foundation" since it's the foundation of my vitamin routine (other recommendations change according to sex and specific problems of each person).
As a bonus, I'm offering a monthly CD where I simply sit down and summarize some of the more important new ideas that I have learned either from patients, or conferences (still try to travel to class at least once every other month), or from the journals or from books.  These are conversational CD's that will cover a variety of topics.  This will be included with every purchase of Foundation.
So, for $29.95, you get the CD and a 30 day supply of anti-oxidants (and I'm not charging postage).  If you wish to subscribe (so you never have to reorder, just call the office at 251-342-6466).  Or you can go here and order a one month supply (including the CD).
Aristotle and Walking 
 You can't read too much of my writing or talk to me for long without finding out that I think the street is the best school.  I like to walk and listen to books (I think and remember better and think better about what i'm remembering...and it gives me a way to find the time to exerecise.
I picked up the idea from my Dad.  But looks like he wasn't the first to think of the idea of having a walking school.

Peripatetic means "wandering". The Peripatetics were a school of philosophy in ancient Greece. Their teachings derived from that of their founder, Aristotle.

Aristotle founded the Peripatetic school in 335 BC when he first opened his philosophical school at the Lyceum in Athens. The name of the school derives from the Greek word for walking: either from covered walkways at the Lyceum known as peripatoi, or Aristotle's penchant for walking while he lectured.

The most prominent member of the Peripatetic school after Aristotle was Strato of Lampsacus, who increased the naturalistic elements of Aristotle's philosophy and embraced a form of atheism.

Members of the Peripatetic School include:

If you haven't been there yet, try (you get two books and a news paper for about $20 per month.  And, yes, I do think the iPhone is worth it if you need to talk on the phone occasionally while walking (get handy phone and great acoustics in one device).

My 48th Birthday
 me and sons
For my birthday, I took my three sons and found a place to collect sun and wind.   For us to be together in the sun near our home; can a man for much more for a birthday?
This is a time when I'm grateful for family and grateful for patients and readers who honor me by giving me the opportunity to try to be of service.
I want to be like a tube of tooth paste when it's all over; completely used up with nothing left to give.
Thank you for your trust.
Peace  & Health,
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