365 Health Strategies (Jan 26):  
Miracles--All or None?
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Einstein had a few things to say about GOD that relate directly to resolve and health.  First a few thoughts to help you connect Einstein's comments with resolution...

It's difficult to maintain resolve without a feeling of connection to an orderly process.  Without a feeling of connection the most brilliant and faithful seem to lose their brilliance and their resolve.  Talk to any very productive person, and if they speak with honesty they will remember a low time or two during life when they lost the feeling of connection and so lost their resolve.  One gift of being physician to someone is that they confide their lows and their highs.  Every very productive and healthy person I've met went through a time of depression and floundering where they felt disconnected from an Overall Plan.  The difference is that the healthy and productive seem to find their way back to connection while the unhealthy seem to spiral down.

I like quoting Einstein because in the days of science and having worked as research chemist I'm aware that a little knowledge tempts people to lose faith in the existence of an Overall Plan that includes them personally.  So, here's a few ideas from Einstein... 

"God does not play dice with the universe."

"You must believe that either every thing is a miracle or nothing is a miracle."

And on speaking to a class, Einstein asked, "Of all that there is to know about the universe, what percentage is known by the collective knowledge of the human race?"

One student answered, "five per cent."

Einstein replied, "I think you've over estimated, but assuming that's correct (that we do know 5% of all there is to know about the universe) what are the chances that GOD exists in the other 95%?"

If life is a miracle, then so is earth and every square inch of air.

Going through the day with the idea that all is miracle (to be understood as best as possible...but being understood to be appreciated as miracle in it's being), gives a stronger resolve to the doing of the two or three things that are important...because now it's all part of an overall plan.  If a butterfly can flap it's wings and create change, then a person can resolve to do two or three things and create a difference in the Overall Result.

Walk 3 miles___________

Eat 5 fruits or vegetables___________

Read Mark Chapters 12 and 13________________

Virtue: Resolution/Courage-Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.______________________

Peace & Health,


Charles Runels, MD


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