365 Health Strategies (Jan 10):  What's Worth the Fight?

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"A man's enemies will be those of his own household" [Matt 10:36]. Of course, it's rare that those of one's own house become enemies to the point of taking up arms. But, those of one's household can do most to sidetrack a motivated person from good intentions and new resolutions.

Many major goals (like a new exercise program or new way of eating) require small but consistent daily amounts of time that family can derail. New behaviors and new commitments can leave family and friends surprised and upset: What do you mean you don't want to sit here and drink a coke and watch T.V. tonight? You want to leave me here alone and go for a walk? You want 15 minutes alone to read scripture? I've been looking forward to seeing you all day. These children need someone to corner them with their homework! I'm hungry!

There's always the continuous fight with one's own volition. We often walk a narrow beam of resolution (surrounded by private temptations) and the slightest expressed discomfort by a loved one pushes us into broken resolutions and the valley to depression carpeted with good intentions.

So, what do you think is worth fighting for? What means so much to you that you'll stand up to anyone . . . even the people you love?

Here's my list. Scan through it, then consider making your own written list and sharing it with those you love (please don't put "the remote control" on your list).

1. My workout schedule. Without health, I'm not as useful to anyone.

2. My work schedule. Without resources it's difficult for me to care for those I love.

3. To put my children's needs before that of any adult. If their own dad won't make them a priority, who will?

4. Alone time. However brief. Without it, I face total annihilation of self, death of creativity, and loss of contact with God.

5. To not use alcohol or drugs at any time. Your party does not obligate me to dull my senses and kill part of my brain.

6. To refuse to eat anything at anytime. Your party or special recipe does not obligate me to be less healthy than I know how to be.

7. The right to leave at anytime. Life is too short to waste time in a dangerous, unhealthy, or demoralizing environment.

8. The right to make money doing what I enjoy . . . even if it doesn't produce as much money as you think I should make. Even if you don't like what I'm doing.

9. Rest. I've worked all the way around many clocks. But, when I really need rest, I'll stop (see number 1.)

10. Peace and Safety of my family and friends . . . and myself.

11. To do what seems right between  God and me . . . even if it hurts you, even if it hurts me. God is love. Doing right should always be right.

12. The right to save daily time to play and act as childish as I please.

__ Read Matthew: Chapters 9 - 12

__Walk 3 miles: actual miles walked _____

__ Eat 5 fruits or vegetables _____

__ Virtue: Silence-speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.

Peace & Health,


Charles Runels, MD


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