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Dr. RunelsSeveral
months ago, my 15-year-old son, Trey (pictured here) walked home from school, closed the door, and said, "thank  you, Dad.  I didn't realize what you were doing, but I'm in pretty good shape!"
What prompted him to say thank you?  He just started high school, and he realized that without really trying, just by eating what I put in front of him (it's just me and his three younger brothers in the house so I control the kitchen), he showed up at school with an eight-pack abdomen.
This week, in the New England Journal, there were two articles about childhood obesity.  It seems that having one out of eight adults in the USA being overweight has caused an explosion of overweight children.  It's one thing when a 45-year-old man develps obesity and diabetes and has a heart attack at 55 and a stroke at 65.  It's another thing when his 18 year-old-son delvelops diabetes, has a heart attack at 30 and a stroke at 40. 
I think that there's much more in the way of practical ideas for keeping children at a normal weight that what is offered (and i'm less inclined to try to legislate health by making vending machines illegal as he seems to indicate).  But, his ideas should be read by every parent.  Here's the main reason:  when you see to your own health, you are doing the best thing you can do to see to the health of your children.  Using children as a reason to skip your health routines can contribute to the detriment of your health and your child's welfare.
Please consider forwarding this to the people you know who struggle with trying to stay healthy and still be a good parent.
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Emotions of love sometimes mixed with melancholy and not so healthy behaviour: that's Christmas.  I'm writing to hopefully help you keep the love and discard some of the unhealthy stuff.
Thank you for honoring me with your attention to my ideas about health.  Keep what makes sense to you.  Throw the rest out and forgive the intrusion.
Peace & Health,
How to Have a Healthy HolidayCD How to Have a Healthy Holiday
Eight years ago, at two am, while my family slept, I was putting a tube down the throat of a 25-year-old woman.  I was preparing to pump her stomach (back in my ER days).  Feeling depressed, she had taken many medications in an effort to hurt herself.  It was one week before Christmas.
Most people don't go to this extreme.  But many do.  And the stress of the holidays does cause many people to have an odd mixture of happiness and sadness, hope for the future and a melancholy reminiscence, hopes for healthy while engaging in unhealthy behavior.
For a 6 simple tips on how to have a healthy holiday go here and read (you can also order a free copy of my CD How to Have a Healthy Holiday--my Christmas Present to you). 
P.S.  If you are my patient, this CD should already be on the way to you in the mail.
Lipid-Dissolving Meso-Therapy
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I recently got a call from a lovely woman who is also one of the best mothers I know.  She said her son received a copy of my book from my son (remember I wrote this book with my sons in mind), and he attributed my 15-Day course for men to helping him be high scorer at a recent basketball game.
My 15-Day Course for Men, Anytime...for as Long as You Want: Strength, Genius, Libido, & Erection by Integrative Sex Transmutation continues to be the best selling sex manual on Amazon.com.  It's been translated into Japanese and is now available as a Kindle book
I think it works so well because it's really a health book disguised as a sex book (better health makes for better sex). 
Both of these make fun Christmas gifts.   Try giving it you your teenage boy and watch what happens.
before lipsIn Honor of Mistletoe: 30 years ago, I would take my 22 rifle out into the forests of north Alabama and shoot the stems of mistle toe (it grows in the tops of trees and so I'd shoot off a sprig and watch it fall).  It was always a big thrill to me to stick a few sprigs in my pocket, and tape it over the doorway in my home.  I'd also carry a sprig with me to school in hopes I might steal a kiss or two (though I don't remember this ever working--oh the pangs of being a teen-ager). Anyway, in honor of kissing and of mistletoe, I'm offering Juvederm Ultra for $395 per syringe.  Here's a before and after picture of a woman I recently treated (It took one syringe, some people take two).
after lips

Description:  She has a scar from a previous accident.  She had loss of volume and vertical lines from smoking and aging.  I simply added volume (concentrating on bringing the lower lip up to match the upper lip, taking attention away from the scar, and on reshaping the upper lip to give it more lusciousness).   Where's the mistle toe? :)

I used a local anesthesia using the same technique that I used to suture small children in the ER (I never strapped a child down after about 6 months of developing my technique) and she had NO pain with the procedure.
Health & Peace to you and your family this Christmas season.
Charles Runels, MD
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