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The Better Mouth
Many of my patients, after losing weight and feeling better want to do more to look as young as they feel.
One of the most powerful ways to look younger is to make the mouth look younger. 
A new technique that only costs $60 involves injecting a small amount of BOTOX in just the right places in the upper lip.  This gives an augmentation to teh upper lip (making in more succulent) and relaxes "smoker's lines" (which are often caused by aging--not just smoking).
Here's a link to take a look at some lips
Issue: # 13 October 2007

Thank you for honoring me with your interest in my ideas about health.  
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Growth Hormone Leads to Less Cancer?
 Dr. RunelsMore Evidence
The politics of Growth Hormone replacement continues to be disturbing. 
Even though evidence indicates that replacement leads to weight loss, prevention of cancer, better appearance, less heart disease, less diabetes, less depression, and better sexual function, most doctors continue to be very reluctant to prescribe the medication (until the political climate changes). 
Here's a link to Growth Hormone Research showing a probable decreased risk of cancer when growth hormone is replaced. 
I continue to see astounding results with weight loss and with improvement of insulin sensitivity (getting type 2 diabetics completely off their medications usually in less than a month), in improvements with fatigue and fibromyalgia (all supported by good researcy) by replacing low growth hormone levels in combination with other strategies.
Practical Application of Integrative Sex Transmutation
 The New CD's Will Ship Tomorrow (with an extra bonus)
For those who preordered, the CD's describing the Practical Application of Integrative Sex Transmutation (IST) will ship tomorrow.
After recording the 2 hours of extra material to supplement my book (Anytime), I decided that I should include an extra bonus CD about premature ejaculation.  Practicing IST while in a relationship requires the ability to have sex whenever you want for as long as you want, which requires that you be able to control ejaculation like a light switch (on and off whenever you want).
I'm including and extra CD (at no additional cost) describing some of the techniques that have worked well for me and my patients.
My book, Anytime, is the #1 best selling sex manual on Amazon and the #12 best selling book in the area of Men's Health.  Most people seem to benefit from the book but many were calling me to ask for more advanced practical steps to using IST in their daily lives.
If you haven't ordered yet, you can buy the two CD's (one hour each) on the practical application of IST by clicking here (will include the bunus CD, "The Magic Nine Defeats Premature Ejaculation).
  $19.85 plus shipping
Hope this month's letter was helpful.
Peace & Health,
Charles Runels, MD
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