I'm writing at your request to remind you of our weekly weight loss class by teleconference. I'd be honored if you could attend.  If you'd like to discontinue this notification, then click on "update profile" below (if you click on unsubscribe, then I can't email to you anymore notices of any kind).
The teacher is Darlene Manning, R.N. (with some input by myself).  Darlene has now lost 90 pounds (now wears a size 4...see before and after pictures here) and uses her personal experience with some of my techniques to help instruct and motivate people to become healthier.
Today's lesson will focus on how to use record keeping to help with weight loss.  We'll discuss techniques by Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Steven Covey, and others and how to use those journaling and record-keeping techniques to improve health.
Where: call 319-632-1100.  Access code 158474#. 
When: Noon and at 6:30 P.M (central standard time) every Tuesday. 
If you feel others might be interested in the class, feel free to forward this notification to them.
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Charles Runels, MD
LifeStream Medical, Inc.