365 Health Strategies: Something of Value for Two People
March 27

Studies show that doing something good for someone else gives the helping person increased levels of serotonin.  Even watching someone else do something good can increase serotonin levels (leading to increased happiness and increased health).

Today's strategy is very simple:  do something of vale for two people.  If your job requires you to do something good for other people then do more that what you're expected to do for two people per day.

Walk 3 miles___________

Eat 5 fruits or vegetables___________

Read 1 Samuel 1-5________________

Virtue: Humility, Love, & Outreach:  Do something good for two people per day.  Imitate Jesus and Socrates________________

The purpose of these daily strategies

The 1,3,5 Plan

The 13 Virtues as per Benjamin Franklin


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Charles Runels, MD
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