365 Health Strategies:  The Critical Door
March 18 

You don't need entertainment from me. I'm not an entertainer.  For these notes to be worth your time, every day I hope that you find one simple thing to do. 
By doing that one thing suggested, my hope is that you'll see a gradual but remarkable improvement in health and well being.
Here's two more quick tips that I've seen help my patients find mental and physical health:
1.  The best non-prescription supplement to help maintain a sense of happiness is SAM-e.  Take 400mg in the morning on an empty stomach (you may drink water or coffee if you want). Wait about 20 minutes before having any food.
SAM-e is short for S-adenosylmethionine.  Your body makes SAM-e from the amino acid methionine.  Levels have been found to be low in people with depression.  Research (good legitimate research) shows improvement in those who suffer with depression.  Supplementation may also  be helpful for those with liver or joint disease.  Be sure and check with your doctor before using (and of course don't stop taking any anti-depressant medications without talking with your doctor first).
2.  Be careful about what thoughts you have during the 20 minutes immediately before going to sleep and when you first wake in the morning (the "critical door" to your emotions).  Most people have heard this tip; few put it to use.
Ever hear a song on the clock radio when waking in the morning--then have trouble getting that song out of your head all day long?  But this principle to work: Read or listen to peace literature (scripture or poetry) when falling asleep and immediately upon rising.  If you're pressed for time...get one of those automatic shut off CD players.  Then play a peaceful recording (I prefer lectures by David Jerimiah (my favorite Bible teacher) as you fall asleep.  Avoid discussion of money or problems immediately before bed.  Work like crazy on problems during the day; but when close to bed-time put it all aside and refocus on spiritual and peaceful thoughts.
Again, if time is short in the morning, use a recording while you prepare for work.  Avoid the mindless junk of the lewd DJ--funny sometimes but first thing in the morning is just not the time for it.  This is where I prefer the 10 to 15 minutes actually reading the scripture or listening to scripture or peace literature at the start of a morning walk (swapping to instructional CD's concerning medicine, language, or other topics later in the walk).
My phone has room for the entire New Testment and 5 or more books stored as MP3 files.  I can listen during the morning walk.  Going straight from bed to street wakes up mind, body, and spirit when I start the walk by carefully chosing what I listen to.
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Peace & Health,

Charles Runels, MD