FREE weight loss class by teleconference.
Feb 17, 2007 

I'm writing at your request (haven't had this class by telephone for a few months so you may not remember enrolling...but you signed up on my website) to remind you of our weekly weight loss class by teleconference. I'd be honored if you could attend.
Normally, this class is only open only to my private patients or to those who pay a monthly fee to be a part of the call, but I'm inviting everyone who's been kind enough to express interest in the class by subscribing on my website.
The teacher is Darlene Manning, R.N. (with some input by myself).  Darlene has lost 86 pounds total (now wears a size 6) and uses her personal experience with some of my techniques to help instruct and motivate people to become healthier.
She leads a busy life--working full time as a labor and delivery nurse in a local hospital and teaching child birth classes--so has personal recent experience in finding time to create a healthier body while still leading a busy and productive life.
Her class material is reviewed by me prior to class and i'm on hand to contribute during class.  Some of the people in the class have come off of their diabetes and high blood pressure medications, so i see them for these conditions for updated advice immediately before and sometimes during the there will be a question and answer period but I may not be in the room for the entire class time.
To attend the class, call 319-632-1100.  For access, use the code 158474#.  The call is completely free (though you will have your usual long distance charges).
The class will start at noon central standard time today (tuesday, feb 27th).  This class has been going on in my office now for some time (without being broadcast) so there may be some discussion that needs explanation later. 
I'll notify you by email when we post a preview outline of the course and what to expect and of some resources you can use (this will happen within the next week).
Thank you very much for honoring me by having enrolled in my newsletters.  If you'd rather not be notified of these classes in the future, rather than unsubscribe, simply edit your profile and unselect the option for notification of weight loss classes.
If you feel others might be interested in the class, feel free to forward this notification to them.

Charles Runels, MD
Charles Runels, MD