Health Strategy #28: Make an Easy Win

If you're going to be consistent with keeping your resolutions concerning health, here's a simple but very powerful strategy: make your resolutions easy to do (but resolve to do easy actions that will lead to doing more).

Here's an example: When I go walking, my goal is to simply walk 10 minutes at any speed every day. I give myself permission to quit after 10 minutes. Almost always, after 10 minutes, I want to keep walking. About once every month or two, after 10 minutes, I don't want to keep going (I may be fatigued or have a pressing matter I want to take care of or I may just not be having fun). But if I want to quit, I quit after 10 minutes.

If I continue to walk, my goal is to simply go for 3 miles at any speed that feels comfortable to me that day. I don't carry weights, I don't keep track of time, I don't count my pulse. My goal is to simply enjoy the 3 miles as best I can by calling a friend, listening to a book, thinking through a problem, singing, or just being quiet. Sometimes I find myself running like a wild man, but most of the time, I simply walk...if I run, it's because I want to run that day.

I've seen many people go from hardly any exercise at all to exercising vigorously almost daily when they resolve to do less...resolving to simply walk 10 minutes every day.

Read on for another easy win...


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