Week 3: Day 18 Health Strategy: Altitude
Health Strategy: Altitude
January 18, 2006


While flying home from Atlanta, I could make observations about the Mobile Bay (near my home) that would be impossible to make from shore. If I were going to build a bridge, I’d do better to observe from a plane than I would from the shore. From space would be too far away, from the ground-- too close. There’s an important lesson in how to find time for exercise.

When it comes to planning exercise, the view from within a day is too close. From that view, every urgent project crowds out good intentions. Or else, I think I’ll have more time later in the day or tomorrow and that extra time never arrives. From the vantage of a monthly schedule, I’m not very successful in scheduling exercise either. But, if I take one piece of paper that displays every hour of the week, that page is the perfect altitude to solve the puzzle of where to find time to exercise.

I first started using the one page (with every hour of the day for a week) after attending a class in how to study in college. The class was given at the YMCA in 1978. I came across the same recommendation in the book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. But, the best description I’ve seen...

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