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Week 3: Day 17 Health Strategy: Order
Health Strategy: Order
January 17, 2006


When I speak with people about why they don’t do the things they know to be healthful (and when I consider my own distractions and failures), I frequently hear that “There’s not enough time.” Many people, so convinced they are that there is not sufficient time for healthy behavior, will not even attempt to care for the body. They even become angry when discussing the idea, for example, of walking 3 miles a day, replying to the effect that some may be blessed with time for exercise but they must continue to sacrifice the body because responsibilities don’t allow time for optimum self care

This week’s virtue, Order, is the beginning of the cure for the “lack-of-time” barrier to self care. Most people have at least one tool (from a do list to a palm computer) that they use to attempt to infuse Order. But, even with these tools, most people (good research shows) still fail to find the time they need to take optimum care of the body.

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