Dr. Runels
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January 13, 2007


Just a couple of quick ideas to help you lose all the weight you can in 2007

At home sleep study
Severe snoring can make weight loss almost impossible. For anyone who's put off doing a sleep study to discover if they have sleep apnea because of time or money...here's an alternative.

It's a small computer that sticks to your upper lip and detects when and how many times you stop breathing.

Click here to see more about The SleepStrip home sleep apnea test

Offering Weight Loss Class
If you're trying to lose weight and wish to be in a class that offers practical advice and encouragement from others with the same goal...I'm offering a class that's free to the patients in my boutique practice (If you paid me for 6 month's services to see me at LifeStream Medical...then you're one of my boutique patients).

The class will be at LifeStream Medical on Tuesdays. Weigh in at 11:30 Class is from 12 noon until 1 PM. Bring, written down, how many miles you walked the previous week.

Thank you for allowing me to help keep you up to date about weight loss and health.

Peace & Health to you,

Charles Runels, MD
Charles Runels, MD

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