Charles Runels, MD
Male Menopause
January 13, 2007


Here's a switch...for decades, a disproportionate amount of research concerning heart disease was done in men. Also, minorities represented a smaller proprotion of the research population. So it was difficult to extrapolate research data about heart disease to people other than white males.

Now there is a more equal amount of looking at disease across gender and race. But, there is an exception...there's been much more research done about hormone replacement in women than about replacement in men.

Here's a Newsweek article that talks about the disparity and about some of the statistics. The guidelines about who should be replaced are simplistic and the numbers quoted about the number of untreated men are conservative...but still they quote that 10% of 50 year old men and 50% of 70 year old men are deficient (leading to weight gain, depression, and diabetes).

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