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365 Health Strategies: Smoothies-a tasty basic recipe January 13th


Since you heard yesterday how to use the blender to keep weight down and eat healthily on the run, thought it would be a good idea to supply you with a few recipes. The baby step of the day is to prepare one of these recipes and drink it.

If you don't like one recipe, try another. Pay close attention to how long you let the blender whirl. Longer makes it more airy and larger. Shorter period leaves it thicker and lumpier. Forget the 16 button types (does anyone really know the difference between the 14th speed and the 10th speed). Just get the most heavy duty blender you can afford (so it will chop ice). I bought the best one at Walmart and it has one switch that turns it on and off. The art is not which button to push. The art is a combination of ingredients, how long you let the blender whirl, and sometimes how you add the ingredients. I know this sounds simplistic but I really believe that a good physician should understand all useful therapies (not just those sold at the drug store). There is no doubt that food changes our health. And, multiple, scientific studies have shown that drinking pritein shakes during the day can help normalize weight and help keep it normal.

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