-- Jan 3: Week 1: Day 3

Jan 3: Week 1: Day 3
__Read Genesis: Chapters 15-21 __Walk 3 miles: Actual miles walked __Eat 5 fruits or vegetables __Virtue: Temperance-eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation.

Mistake Two: Starting in 5th gear After choosing a new healthful habit to replace a harmful one, people sometimes make another mistake in the quest for better health- attempting too much too quickly. For example, trying to go from hardly ever exercising to walking several miles a day can be too much of a shock emotionally and physically. It's analogous to trying to start a car moving by starting out in fifth gear. There's too much strain on the engine if you start in fifth gear; so the engine sputters, the car moves a few inches. Then the engine dies. If you start the car in first gear, the car starts slowly but there's no strain on the engine. Then after the car begins to move, you shift into second gear, and then third until finally the car's moving at 65 miles per hour and the engine never strained.

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