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Wanted to let you know about a new form of Viagra. By mixing the active ingredient in a lozenge form, the medication can be absorbed from under the tongue and give a quicker response. Also, by using the absorption under the tongue, it allows the medicine to be used after eating (normally, Viagra doesn't do much if you take it on an empty stomach).

I'll be adding more medication to this on-line pharmacy. Hopefully, this will allow my patients to order with privacy and convenience and still get a good, U.S., and legal product.

(I can only mail medication to people who are actually my patients, so if I haven't seen you in person, I'm sorry I can't supply your prescription medication).

These lozenges also are very discrete since they look more like a cough drop. They're also grooved so they can easily be split into four 25mg lozenges (or easily cut into smaller dosages).

These lozenges must be manufactured by a compounding pharmacy (you can't buy them at the local drug store). So, if you're not my patient, have your physician contact a good compounding pharmacy.

Price $90 USD
ID/SKU: Viagra 100mg lozenges (5 lozenges)
S & H (overnight): 12.50

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