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365 Health Strategies: January 1
-- 365 Health Strategies: Jan 1
-- The purpose of these Health Strategies...

365 Health Strategies: Jan 1
January 1

Week 1 Health Principle: Day-Tight Compartments

 Read Genesis; Chapters 1-7  Walk 3 miles: actual miles walked _____  Eat 5 fruits or vegetables _____  Virtue: Temperance-Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation.

The first thing God did after making earth and heaven was make day and night-to make the "first day." Did his choice to first make "the first day" indicated some importance to the unit of time, the "day?"

Christ said to pray for today's bread and that we should "not think of tomorrow" because we have enough troubles today. Does the "day" concept help you to better health?

William Osler, MD-the founder of Internal Medicine at John's Hopkins, and author of the authoritative treatise on medicine during his generation-when asked to give advice to the graduating class of John's Hopkins, chose to stress the importance of living in "day-tight compartments." He taught the benefits to health (mental and physical) of living one day at a time. He also recommended 15 to 20 minutes with the Bible daily (about the time it will take you to read the Bible daily using the plan in this course).

It's impossible to physically exist simultaneously in multiple days. You can live only one minute, only one instant-the present. You lose the present when immobilized while consideing yesterday, last week, tomorrow, or 5 minutes ago. Living the present day stationary because of thoughts of anything other than the present moment, you lose the present and so live more than one day at a time. Present moments pass wasted; in this way you lose the day, a series of days, a lifetime.

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The purpose of these Health Strategies...

The purpose of these 365 Health Strategies...

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