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Week 50: Day 344
Health Strategy: Freedom through Discipline
December 10, 2005
-- About these "Daily Strategies"


The wanting of things unhealthy for body and spirit creates an inner war (I Peter 2:11).

The war wages for peace and health and against the fall which pulls body and soul down to disease and dispair.

When the wings of spiritual discipline beat with strength greater than the downward pull, then the body will rise to health and the soul will rise to heaven.

In this way, discipline gives the freedom of flight. In this way, the undisciplined become bound, enslaved, to the ground.

In this war, trying to avoid the bad is an defensive move. Including the good is an offensive move.

Simple disciplines work well. .

First line offensive moves:

Walk 3 miles_____

Read I Peter chapters 1-2_____

Virtue: Tranquility_____

Eat 5 fruits or Vegetables________

About these "Daily Strategies"
I'm sorry for the inconsistency with these "Daily Strategies" (which don't come every day). I'm revising the book I wrote on men's health "Anytime." This uses most of my daily writing time for now.

Thank you very much to those who have written to tell me of being helped by the "Daily Strategies." Your encouragement means much more than you probably imagine.

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