Suffering, Katrina, Diabetes, & Exercise
September 2005

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The question that visited my son and may visit yours

Study your favorite subject for two months this year and find time for exercise...

Low Testosterone Common in Type 2 Diabetes


The question that visited my son and may visit yours

There’s a question that runs like contagion through schools and neighborhoods. The question came to my sons and may have visited yours.

The question plagued me during my work as an ER physician and internist. I’ve seen many innocent people suffer, watched personally (at the bedside) over 1,000 people die and then come home to a house with children who that day saw only friends with full stomachs and air-conditioned houses cluttered with toys, to a wife who saw only friends with new cars and stores with pretty sales people and un-scuffed merchandise; come home to kiss them goodnight and then lie in bed to feel the question "why?" creep into the room and keep me awake while others slept.

But now, after coming home from a recent trip to Mississippi and the aftermath of hurricane Katrina (news article about that trip), I came home to something different. This time, instead of finding three sons completely content, I heard my middle son, William, tell me of the new class mate who came from New Orleans, who was introduced to his class, and who cried when introduced: cried not with the bashfulness of a school child staring at strangers but cried from heaviness deeper and more confusing than embarrassment.

At a time when many suffer with loss of home and life at no fault of their own (due to natural disaster), the following

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My goal with these health and healing lessons is that in 5 minutes or less you will find a way to better health. I'm grateful for feedback, good and bad.

  • Study your favorite subject for two months this year and find time for exercise...
  • Since exercise is probably the number one practice to stay healthy (I think more important than diet) and since most people don't exercise because of lack of time, I thought a series about how to find time for exercise would be useful.

    Some of the ideas I'll share are used by my patients who stay in shape (even with busy schedules) some are ideas that I use. Pick and chose from these ideas until you find the combination that works for you

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  • Low Testosterone Common in Type 2 Diabetes
  • The attached article describes how researchers found that 1/3 of men with type two diabetes have low teststerone levels.

    I've found that in men and women with type two diabetes, blood sugar can be better regulated with proper testosterone replacement. In many cases, I think that low testosterone leads to obestity, which then leads to type two diabetes.

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