Open Microphone forum for patients and friends...
August 31, 2005


Some will carry a question around and wish to talk with me but not call me (or else play phone tag). Questions not immediately life threatening still deserve an answer.

Also, those struggling in the early stages of changing their health and appearance might be helped by talking with people who are further along.

Wanted to offer a time for answering questions and allowing friends and patients to talk to each other. Also, wanted to be around for those who've been trying to catch up with me during hurricaine Katrina (we lost electricity but house and home intact).

For that reason, I'm offering an "open mike" forum by teleconfernce call tomorrow night (August 31st) at 9pm central time.


Charles Runels, MD
Log on info...

August 31, 2005 at 9pm central time
access code 625-2612

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